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Review: Let's Be Cops

PLOT: Two down-on-their luck pals ( Jake Johnson & Damon Wayans Jr.) pose as cops and get into big trouble with a local gangster, who wants both guys – cops or not – dead. REVIEW: LET'S BE COPS has a premise that could have been lifted out of an eighties movie. Come to think of it, wasn't there an eighties Judge Reinhold movie with the same idea?...
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Exclusive Interview: Let's Be Cops Stars Johnson, Wayans Jr. and Riggle!

What happens when “New Girl” co-stars get together and make a fun and raunchy R-rated comedy? Well put on a uniform and you’ve got LET’S BE COPS, the story of two struggling thirty-somethings who decide to put on a policeman’s uniform and let everybody think they are the law. The film also stars the incredibly talented Rob Riggle who plays a real life...
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If you're a fan of Jake Johnson, then get your questions ready as we'll be hosting a live Twitter chat with the actor, who is hamming it up with fellow New Girl star Damon Wayans Jr. in this summers buddy (faux) cop comedy LET'S BE COPS. Johnson will be online for a 30-minute chat this Sunday, August 10th at 2:30 PM PST where we will send him your questions using the hashtag...
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Exclusive red-band clip from Let's Be Cops gets inappropriate w/Nina Dobrev

We have an exclusive clip from Twentieth Century Fox showcasing some of the finer points of the the upcoming LET'S BE COPS; humor that's not afraid of an R-rating and the ridiculously charming Nina Dobrev . This scene is actually a bit of an extension from one bit in the trailer, giving us a glimpse at Keegan-Michael Key's character and just exactly what he wants to do with...
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Exclusive: Beware of meth, scams & more in four PSA clips for Let's Be Cops

There's a couple new (faux) cops in town and they've got some important things to tell you in these new Fake Police, Real Advice PSA's for LET'S BE COPS. Officers Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. take a minute from their faux policing to let you know how to prepare for housesitters, how to avoid a ticket by faking a kidnapping, how to detect an internet money scam, and...
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This Let's Be Cops red band clip breaks the law and wins

We have a new red band clip for the action-comedy, LET'S BE COPS and it’s hilarious. The movie stars Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson as two buddies who decide to impersonate the police. Obviously they will need a squad car and a couple of freshly printed stickers from Kinkos to help pull this off right. They know what's up. Watch it now because they're...
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Let's Be Cops, feat. Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr, gets red band trailer

It's already been pointed out that LET'S BE COPS looks like the reverse 21 JUMP STREET, but I'm guessing that given the money 22 JUMP STREET is bringing in, they want to capitalize on that. A second red band trailer has been released, featuring exactly what you'd expect for a comedy of this caliber (and that's not necessarily a bad thing). Take a look: I've never...
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Exclusive: Poster for Let's Be Cops with Jake Johnson & Damon Wayans Jr.!

While we'll be seeing the return of two bumbling cops in this summer's 22 JUMP STREET, there's another ragtag law enforcement duo hitting the beat with LET'S BE COPS. The R-rated, high-concept action comedy features Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. (both from Fox's New Girl) as a pair of buddies who discover the power of the police uniform and end up getting into...
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Trailer for David Wain's They Came Together starring Paul Rudd & Amy Poehler

I'll take all the Paul Rudd I can get, and no innuendo is neccessary as the Lionsgate comedy THEY CAME TOGETHER brings enough to the table as is.  The latest from writer/director David Wain (ROLE MODELS, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER) stars the ridiculously charismatic Rudd alongside Amy Poehler in what looks to be a great ensemble cast (and as far as I'm concerned, The...
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Green-band trailer for Let's Be Cops with Jake Johnson & Damon Wayans Jr.

A new green-band trailer has arrived for LET'S BE COPS, which is pretty much the red-band trailer with all the expletives cut out. Starring Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. as a couple of guys who discover the power of the police uniform while attending a costume party. The duo decide to take it to the next level and end up getting in way over their heads. It's a fun, high concept for...
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Let's Be Cops is like a reverse 21 Jump Street in this red band trailer

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. are hilarious on the small screen sitcom NEW GIRL and are now making the jump together for the feature film LET'S BE COPS. The red band trailer recently premiered online and it is pretty damn hilarious. In a plot that could be described as a reverse take on 21 JUMP STREET, Wayans Jr. and Johnson play slacker buddies who get mistaken for police...
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New release dates for Planet of the Apes 3, Poltergeist reboot, Let's Be Cops, and Night at the Museum 3

New release dates for several movies have been announced over at Box Office Mojo . The list includes a mix of ape action, spooky spirits, fake cops, and late-night museum shenanigans, so let's get right to it. The untitled sequel to DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (PLANET OF THE APES 3) will be released on July 29, 2016 . Matt Reeves recently signed on to direct the third...
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