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Exclusive: This clip from Keanu Reeves' Man of Tai Chi shows you how to kick ass in a nice suit

Keanu Reeves directorial debut, MAN OF TAI CHI, looks to take all of the great elements from martial arts films and compile them into a two hour homage to a bygone genre (see our review here !). We rarely get martial arts movies of high quality these days unless you count THE MATRIX films. MAN OF TAI CHI has been in development for five years during which time Reeves worked to develop...
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Willem Dafoe and Keanu Reeves to square off in hitman pic John Wick

There will be a firefight! Keanu Reeves , just off his directorial debut for MAN OF TAI CHI, is joining the hitman pic JOHN WICK as a former hitman who is targeted by friend and current hitman played by Willem Dafoe . The script is from Derek Kolstad and the film has yet to court a director, but with the two leads locked in place it shouldn't take long to find someone to direct the...
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Review: Man of Tai Chi (TIFF 2013)

PLOT: A young Tai Chi master (Tiger Chen) is recruited by an enigmatic multimillionaire ( Keanu Reeves ) to fight in a series of brutal underground fights, where he pits his traditionally peaceful methods against a series of brutal opponents. REVIEW: MAN OF TAI CHI is an intriguing debut for Keanu Reeves as a director. A Chinese B-action flick, it's an odd...
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New ass-kicking trailer for Keanu Reeves' martial arts flick Man of Tai Chi

We've already gotten a peek at Keanu Reeves ' MAN OF TAI CHI, but today we have a new full-length trailer for the martial arts film. Starring Tiger Hu Chen in his first feature film and featuring the choreography of the legendary Yuen Woo-Ping, who worked with Reeves on THE MATRIX trilogy. Reeves is taking on the villain role this time out and is joined in front of the camera...
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2013 Toronto International Film Festival Preview!

I canít believe itís been a whole year since last yearís edition of the Toronto International Film Festival, but here it is again! From September 5th to the 15th, Iíll be heading to Toronto for my fifth year (crazy how time flies) covering whatís got to be one of the best film festivals in existence. I honestly canít wait. Even though Iíve been plenty, every year feels just as exciting as the...
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Whoa! New trailer for Keanu Reeves' Man of Tai Chi has got the kung fu!

Keanu Reeves is taking on two new roles with the upcoming kung-fu extravaganza MAN OF TAI CHI, serving as the film's villain and the film's director. Having acquired a taste for martial arts during his long tenure with THE MATRIX films, Reeves is using his contacts from that franchise, including martial artist Tiger Hu Chen, who also stars as the film's lead, and legendary...
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"Let...the show...begin!" First trailer for Keanu Reeves' directorial debut Man of Tai Chi

I think there's a lot of people interested in seeing how Keanu Reeves handles directing duties for his first film behind the camera, MAN OF TAI CHI, but I have to warn you that this first trailer from Bleeding Cool is pretty underwhelming. I've read some comments that the preview is cut similar to Hong Kong films from the 1980s and the trailer is definitely aimed towards the Chinese...
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Keanu Reeves to star in the scifi film Passengers from the screenwriter of Prometheus

Don't worry, haters, it isn't Damon Lindelof but that other screenwriter for PROMETHEUS, Jon Spaihts. Keanu Reeves will star in Spaihts story entitled PASSENGERS which will be directed by GAME OF THRONES director Brian Kirk. The movie is being produced by Wayfare Entertainment who hope to sell it to a studio at the Cannes Film Festival. Keanu Reeves has not had a major studio...
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First stills and poster from Keanu Reeves' directorial debut Man of Tai Chi

We haven't heard or seen much from MAN OF TAI CHI since it started production back in June. The martial arts film is Keanu Reeves ' directing debut and I think it's fair to say that a lot of people are interested in seeing how well he does behind the camera. The first stills and poster for the film are up on Twitch and you can check them out below. MAN OF TAI CHI follows a young...
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