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Awfully Good: Winter's Tale

Goodbye 2014! You brought us many terrible movies, but one truly stands above the rest... Winter's Tale (2014) Director: Akiva Goldsman Stars: Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe In a love story that spans a century, a runaway thief falls for a dying aristocratic girl and must protect her from a demon gangster with the help of...
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Top 10 Romantic Movies Guys Like, Too (Video Edition)

Valentine's Day is here and that means the odds are stacked against you. More than likely, your significant other is going to be in more of a mood for THE NOTEBOOK rather than ROBOCOP. So, before you get dragged to see ENDLESS LOVE, WINTER'S TALE, or ABOUT LAST NIGHT, here are our top ten alternatives for romantic movies both guys and gals will love. See if you agree with our picks and if...
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Review: Winter's Tale

PLOT: In 1916 New York City, Peter Lake ( Colin Farrell ) is an expert thief, on the run from the notorious Short Tails gang, led by the diabolical Pearly Soames ( Russell Crowe ) who’s somehow connected to Lucifer himself and determined to stop Lake from performing his “miracle”. This miracle is somehow connected to a flying white horse, which magically shows up to rescue Peter...
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Second trailer for Winter's Tale starring Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe

A new trailer for WINTER'S TALE has landed, and Warner Bros. should really just call the film, "COLIN FARRELL IS SAD AND IN LOVE." ABOUT LAST NIGHT and ENDLESS LOVE open on February 14th as well (and ROBOCOP will hit theaters two days earlier), however I feel like WINTER'S TALE is going to be the big Valentine's Day date movie this year. It's one of those...
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