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Antonio Banderas gets into some zany renegade antics in the Gun Shy trailer

Have you ever viewed a movie trailer and thought to yourself, "What the f*ck did I just watch?" Well, that's exactly how I felt after taking in the new trailer for GUN SHY, in all of its madcap glory. In the film, Antonio Banderas (DESPERADO, SPY KIDS) stars as Turk Henry, an aging rock star who, while vacationing in Chile, has his supermodel wife ( Olga Kurylenko )...
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DVD/Blu-ray release dates and details for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 and Resident Evil: Retribution

So as it turns out, the release details on these two movies are a bit unbalanced in terms of content - for one we have the final DVD/Blu-ray art and a general description of what goodies the discs will contain, while for the other we have no art but plenty of specificity involving what goodies the discs will contain.  Hopefully we'll have updates soon enough for you on those elements...
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