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Why It Works: Annie Hall

Why It Works is an ongoing column which breaks down some of the most acclaimed films in history and explores what makes them so iconic, groundbreaking, and memorable. ****SPOILERS AHEAD**** After writing about HIGH FIDELITY  in a recent Why It Works , I couldn't help but think about Woody Allen 's 1977 classic ANNIE HALL . While the two films are tonally...
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Neil deGrasse Tyson drops his opinions on Interstellar

In the months leading up to the release of INTERSTELLAR, Christopher Nolan and Co. took great care in releasing promotional material discussing the science of the film . Regardless of how you feel about the end result, you have to give the filmmakers props for attempting to deliver an experience that's as factual as scientifically possible. Acclaimed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse...
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The Unpopular Opinion: Annie Hall

THE UNPOPULAR OPINION is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATHED. We're hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Enjoy! **** SOME SPOILERS ENSUE**** Woody Allen is a funny guy. A very funny guy, in...
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