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Michael Ealy to star in David Rosenthal's Jacob's Ladder remake

It's been over two years since we've heard anything about the project, but there's finally been some movement on the planned JACOB'S LADDER remake. Deadline is reporting Almost Human and ABOUT LAST NIGHT actor Michael Ealy has joined LD Entertainment's updated take on 1990 film. Ealy's THE PERFECT GUY director David Rosenthal has been tapped to...
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The dead return in this teaser for ABC's upcoming series Resurrection

As many TV shows return after the holidays, so will begin the advertising for the mid-season premieres. What used to be filler series for shows cancelled from the Fall, midseason series have evolved into shorter run shows with higher concepts. Last season we had shows like THE FOLLOWING and HANNIBAL premiere and turn into some of the more entertaining series of the year. This year, one...
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Jacob's Ladder will get the remake treatment

JACOB'S LADDER messed up my childhood. I snuck a VHS copy of the movie from a family friend and proceeded to watch the hellish hallucinations of Jacob Singer with a less than full understanding of the film's plot and twist ending. All I know is those eyeless doctors f*cked up my nightmares for a good long time. Visiting the film later in life, I found Adrian Lyne 's movie to be...
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