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Review: Ingrid Goes West

PLOT: Fresh off a stay in a mental hospital, Ingrid ( Aubrey Plaza ), a dangerously unhinged social media addict, moves to Los Angeles in order to embed herself in the life of her favorite online personality ( Elizabeth Olsen ). REVIEW: INGRID GOES WEST feels very much like a companion piece to the “Black Mirror” episode, “Nosedive.” While that warned...
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We Talk Ingrid Goes West & social media with Aubrey Plaza & Elizabeth Olsen

In the new feature INGRID GOES WEST, Aubrey Plaza plays a lonely young woman desperate to find friendship via social media. Directed by Matt Spicer , the film also stars the very talented Elizabeth Olsen as the object of Plaza's affection. This dark comedy explores the awkward obsession that many people develop on someone they don't personally know, and it gets...
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New trailer for Ingrid Goes West with Aubrey Plaza & Elizabeth Olsen hits

I've been hearing great things about INGRID GOES WEST for a while now, even since it debuted at Sundance and has been slowly building up buzz ahead of its release. Starring Aubrey Plaza as a social media obsessed fanatic who becomes enamored with a new social-celeb played by Elizabeth Olsen , prompting her to move to the west coast where she can properly stalk her. If it...
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