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Latest updates on our film Billy Trigger as well as our experience working with Black Caesar himself, Fred Williamson!

For those not following our first full plunge into film production called BILLY TRIGGER, here's the latest update on things. We are now 2 weeks into shooting, with 1 week left before the end of the shoot. Our wrap party will take place on Saturday, November 24th. Everything has been going well so far, although it has to be said that everyone is working their asses off...
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The JoBlo.com-produced film, Billy Trigger, begins production today!

As per our announcement a few weeks ago , the first film to be fully financed by JoBlo.com has begun production today, Monday November 14th in Montreal, Canada. We've spent the past few weeks rounding up the cast (see below) and locking locations (Irish pub, strip joints, Chinatown, junkyard....) and are prepared to shoot for the next two weeks or so, after which...
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