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Journey to Skull Island in the adventurous new trailer for Kong

Kong has returned! That's right! It's time for one of cinemas biggest stars to reclaim the throne, and we have just the trailer to prove it! The latest and greatest preview for Jordan Vogt-Roberts ' KONG: SKULL ISLAND is here and it promises all of the action, adventure and thrills you'd come to expect from a movie carrying the monkey moniker. Travel back to the 1970s with Tom...
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Jordan Vogt-Roberts says his King Kong is a throwback to the 1933 version

While we've certainly seen brief glimpses of King Kong in the trailers for Jordan Vogt-Roberts ' upcoming KONG: SKULL ISLAND, we didn't really get a clear look at the giant ape until this morning . Entertainment Weekly posted one of their lovely high-resolution photos which showed off Kong in all his fearsome glory and revealed that he looks much more like the 1933 version...
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Get your first clear look at Skull Island's King Kong

KONG: SKULL ISLAND will transport audiences back to the 1970s when the Vietnam War was winding down. A British tracker ( Tom Hiddleston ) finds himself joining a group of soldiers and a photojournalist ( Brie Larson ) to uncover the secrets of Skull Island. Together, the group discovers threats that are much larger than they could have ever imagined. We've seen glimpses of the...
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Krampus screenwriters set to tackle Godzilla 2

We have some time to go yet before KONG: SKULL ISLAND hits theaters, and even more time before GODZILLA 2 is up on the silver screen, but that's not stopping Legendary Pictures from planning ahead. Variety reports that Legendary is looking to hire Michael Dougherty & Zach Shields (KRAMPUS) to pen the sequel to the Gareth Edwards picture. No word yet on whether or not Doughery might...
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New Kong: Skull Island poster is full of mysteries

With DOCTOR STRANGE and FANTASTIC BEASTS on the way, ROGUE ONE after them and JOHN WICK on the horizon, it’s easy for other movies to slip through the cracks in terms of remembering they exist. One of those movies is KONG: SKULL ISLAND, a movie that made a splash at Comic-Con this year with a trailer and poster, but has dropped little else in the meantime. No new footage or...
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Toho is about to animate Godzilla for a full-length feature film

Been waiting to see an animated GODZILLA feature film from Toho all these years? No...?! Too bad. You're getting one anyway. Toho has announced they are going into production a full-length animated movie simply known as GODZILLA that should be hitting theaters already sometime next year with Gen Urobuchi penning the script and overseeing the original...
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Kong is back & bigger than ever in the Skull Island trailer (Comic Con 2016)

Travel back to the 1970s during the end of the Vietnam War and you'll find yourself in a time before technology had a global hold, and there were still mysteries left to explore. A tracker ( Tom Hiddleston ) is joined by a group of soldiers and a photojournalist ( Brie Larson ) to uncover the secrets of Skull Island, only to discover threats that are much larger than they could have...
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Kong: Skull Island teases something big in this first poster

Taking place in the 1970s, KONG: SKULL ISLAND finds a group of explorers and soldiers coming together to try and unravel the mystery that is Skull Island. As you could probably guess, a big part of that mystery is a hundred-foot ape named Kong! Very little of Jordan Vogt-Roberts ' film has been seen, but I have a feeling that's all going to change tomorrow. A motion poster was...
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Enter the boneyard in this new image from Kong: Skull Island

There's a lot of mystery surrounding KONG: SKULL ISLAND. How does this movie relate to the other Kong films? How does it fit in with Gareth Edwards GODZILLA movie? Why does it take place in the '70s? All these and more will be answered in due time, and a piece of that puzzle has to do with a new image released by Entertainment Weekly. It's in the usual resolution you can...
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Kong: Skull Island will be giving the great ape a major size upgrade

King Kong has never been a slouch in the size department, but compared to Godzilla, he's rather puny. With Warner Bros. gathering up their giant monsters under one roof, they've realized that King Kong will need a size upgrade if the great ape is to pose a threat to the over 300ft tall Godzilla. During the Warner Bros. panel at CineEurope in Barcelona, KONG: SKULL ISLAND...
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Director Gareth Edwards departs Godzilla 2

Godzilla needs to table concerns over which enemy kaiju he might have to throw down with for his sequel. Finding a new director for that movie is going to have to take priority. Gareth Edwards has departed GODZILLA 2, leaving the director's chair vacant for the big-budget blockbuster follow-up, with the news coming a few days after Warner Bros. pushed back the release...
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Toby Kebbell reveals who will be playing King Kong in Kong: Skull Island

Despite my love for the Eighth Wonder of the World, I wasn't overly excited when KONG: SKULL ISLAND was first announced; however, as the cast began to round out with some wonderful actors like Tom Hiddleston , Brie Larson , John Goodman and others, I found my enthusiasm slowly but steadily growing. The upcoming reboot of the King Kong saga, which also serves as the second...
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