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Foxy Brown getting a TV reboot at Hulu with Meagan Good set to star

COFFY, the blaxploitation flick which made a star out of Pam Grier , proved to be a big hit for American International Pictures, so much so that they soon put a sequel into development. AIP later changed their minds and that sequel became FOXY BROWN, with Grier once again dispensing street justice as she sought revenge for the murder of her boyfriend by a drug syndicate. Deadline...
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Prepare for the future with Minority Report TV spot and premiere date

Based on the film of the same name, Minority Report marks the first of Steven Spielberg 's films to be adapted for television. The story will be a sequel of sorts taking place 10 years after Pre-Crime has shut down. The show will follow an unlikely partnership between one of the "precognatives" who is able to see the future, and a cop haunted by her past as they race to...
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Comic Con 2015 TV Pilot Review: Minority Report

PLOT: Years after the shutdown of the Precrime program, precog Dash teams up with a streetwise cop to once again stop criminal activity before it happens.    REVIEW: Television's unending quest to capitalize on name recognition and adapt as many movies as possible has brought us to this: a TV sequel series to 2002's MINORITY REPORT. While this idea had potential, Fox...
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Weekend Box Office Report: June 20-22, 2014

Think Too gets the jump on 22! Comedy was the preferred option at theaters this weekend, and the sequel THINK LIKE A MAN TOO got the last laugh with an opening of  $30 million ! Star Kevin Hart continues to prove his worth at the box office with his third 2014 release, after RIDE ALONG ($134 million on a $25 million budget) and the remake of...
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Review: Think Like a Man Too

PLOT: The sequel to the successful film inspired by Steve Harvey 's book, the couples from the last one are back, this time planning a wedding in Las Vegas and getting into trouble. REVIEW: PG-13-rated fun in Las Vegas can only go so far, as THINK LIKE A MAN TOO proves time and time again. A toothless comedy aiming to barely break even on the entertainment budget, the film...
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Trailer for Think Like A Man Too with Kevin Hart takes the party to Vegas

Get ready for another Vegas comedy! I don't know how many stories are left to tell in Vegas, but Hollywood continues to find them, even if it's just more of the same. This time the backdrop of sin city is being used for THINK LIKE A MAN TOO, a sequel to the 2012 breakout hit, THINK LIKE A MAN. Starring Kevin Hart , Michael Ealy , Meagan Good , Romany Malco , Regina...
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