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Review: War Machine

PLOT: A four-star General ( Brad Pitt ) is brought to Afghanistan in order to finally end the war, only to find his personal ambitions do not mesh with the reality of the conflict, or the administration’s goals in that area. REVIEW: At long last, Netflix has got themselves a bona fide, big budget feature that one wouldn't hesitate to call an actual film. While some...
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Review: Monsters Inc. 3D

PLOT : Monstropolis is a world created by monsters. The creatures that live there power their city by collecting the screams of the one thing that scares them… children. But when a little girl named Boo accidentally finds herself in their factory, the world they’ve created is thrown into monster sized trouble. REVIEW : Throughout the years, Pixar has made some of the best animated...
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The trailer and poster for Monsters Inc. 3D attempts to lure you back into the closet

Well, the 3D rehash-rollercoaster continues, this time with MONSTERS INC. 3D, following just three months after FINDING NEMO 3D debuts. On one hand I can see the merits of re-releasing these films as kids and adults both love them, but on the other it really does reek of a lazy cash grab.  That term is getting a little tired, but it does ring true for certain occasions. I'd much...
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