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Weekend Box Office Report: April 25-27, 2014

The Other Woman beats Cap! After three weekends at #1, Marvel's flag-wearing superhero was nudged from the top of the box office by the female-fronted comedy THE OTHER WOMAN , which opened with  $24.7 million ! The PG-13 Cameron Diaz  romcom, also featuring  Leslie Mann , Kate Upton 's breasts, Nicki Minaj and...
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Review: The Other Woman

PLOT: Carly ( Cameron Diaz ) – a high-powered lawyer, is shocked to discover that her perfect new boyfriend, Mark ( Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ) is married. She soon starts an unlikely friendship with Mark’s ditzy wife, Kate ( Leslie Mann ) and when they discover that he has yet another mistress, the young and gorgeous Amber ( Kate Upton ), they decide to teach him a lesson once...
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Exclusive: Foul-Mouthed International TV spot for The Other Woman

As you try and gather yourself back from that image above, you have to ask yourself one question: why the heck would I spend my time watching a romantic comedy? How about because it is a foul-mouthed romantic comedy starring Leslie Mann , Cameron Diaz , and the delicious Kate Upton . Diaz and Mann have proven in the past they can raunch it up with the boys any day of the week and...
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Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz wrestle over Kate Upton in The Other Woman clip

So, after your significant other is dragged to numerous screenings of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER there's going to be a little payback due. It often goes that way for a lot of couples, and it looks like the next romcom "payback" movie is going to be THE OTHER WOMAN. However, that's not really such a bad thing and the reason for that is simple: Kate Upton ....
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Exclusive: The version of The Other Woman trailer with a lot more Kate Upton

Yesterday saw the release of the trailer for THE OTHER WOMAN, a new romcom starring Cameron Diaz , Leslie Mann , Nikolaj Coster-Waldau , Don Johnson , Nicki Minaj (??), and most importantly, Kate Upton . The trailer looked decent, but let's face it, this is a movie that most of us will be forced to see as payback for dragging our significant others to CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE...
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