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Pop-Up Movie Facts: Green Lantern (2011)

Before Ryan Reynolds made superhero movies great again with DEADPOOL, he was flying around the halls of super shame with the film GREEN LANTERN (2011). This particular comic book film is often the go-to joke when making fun of bad superhero movies. It is a rare honor that a film can completely stop a franchise dead in its tracks. If this had been good (or at least successful) we...
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Movie CliffsNotes: Green Lantern

Star Ryan Reynolds is making his move into the more fitting role of DEADPOOL this week, but in case you want to revisit the better-off-forgotten first attempt at a major superhero role, we take a pass at 2011's GREEN LANTERN in this month's Movie CliffsNotes. Director Martin Campbell took a swing with this superhero adaptation that failed to connect with audiences, due largely to some...
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Nicole Kidman may join Gal Gadot and Chris Pine in Wonder Woman

It's been quite a few years since Nicole Kidman last appeared in a comic-book movie, but according to The Wrap , she may be heading back to the world of costumed heroes once again. The outlet reports that Kidman is currently in negotiations to play a high-ranking Amazonian warrior alongside Gal Gadot in the upcoming WONDER WOMAN. The Wrap doesn't have an official...
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Exclusive: Spoilery details on Wonder Woman plot, characters, & more!

With WONDER WOMAN slated to start shooting next month we still know very little about what it’s all about. However, we’ve got new information that will shed some light on the plot, villains, and even a special guest appearance in the film. Obviously, you can treat these as rumors until verified and there’s always the chance that some shifts could be made during...
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Chris Pine to play Steve Trevor opposite Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Long rumoured to be in talks for the role of Steve Trevor in WONDER WOMAN, it looks like we can finally officially attach Chris Pine 's name to the upcoming DC film. The Wrap reports that Chris Pine has just closed a multi-picture deal, which includes options for future sequels, to star alongside Gal Gadot in WONDER WOMAN. The plot of WONDER WOMAN is still unknown...
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Upcoming Green Lantern film will focus on the Green Lantern Corps

We've heard some rumors that Warner Bros.' upcoming GREEN LANTERN film would possibly follow two or even three Lanterns . Well, it looks like there was some truth to that as WB just confirmed that the film would, in fact, be about the Green Lantern Corps. For those uninitiated, The Green Lantern Corps is the intergalactic military/police force who patrol the farthest...
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Rumor: Green Lantern reboot may focus on more than one Green Lantern

We're still five years away from 2020, which is when Warner Bros. will finally debut their second attempt at bringing Green Lantern to the big screen, but it's never too early to start speculating. One of the frequent topics of discussion regarding GREEN LANTERN is just who will be slipping on the ring this time around. Both Hal Jordan and John Stewart have been rumoured to be...
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Chris Pine in talks to play Wonder Woman's love interest

Who better to romance Wonder Woman than Captain Kirk? The Wrap reports that Chris Pine is in talks to play the love interest for Gal Gadot in Patty Jenkins ' WONDER WOMAN. With the film slated to begin production later this year, the film needs to pull together the primary cast. Pine's casting would provide a big name to help carry the film. While most of the news...
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Michelle MacLaren left Wonder Woman because of the scope of the film

Just in the last week, Michelle MacLaren left WONDER WOMAN as director to be replaced by Patty Jenkins within days. The reason for MacLaren's departure was cited as the catch-all phrase "creative differences", but now sources are claiming that the reason came down to a much more specific reason: scope. Surprisingly, Warner Bros was looking to make a more...
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Rumor: New Green Lantern will be the John Stewart version, not Hal Jordan

While the Peter Parker versus Miles Morales debate rages on, Warner Bros and DC Comics have seemingly made the decision to make the next big screen take on GREEN LANTERN to be about John Stewart rather than Hal Jordan. The rumor comes courtesy of Jeff Sneider on the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press . While unconfirmed, it would make sense if they want to distance themselves from...
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Patty Jenkins has stepped in to replace Michelle MacLaren on Wonder Woman

Well that was fast; just two days after it was announced that Michelle MacLaren had departed WONDER WOMAN due to "creative differences" it seems as though Warner Bros. has already found themselves a replacement. THR is reporting that Patty Jenkins has just closed a deal to take over directing duties on WONDER WOMAN. Patty Jenkins is no stranger to the bountiful...
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Michelle MacLaren exits Wonder Woman; "creative differences" cited as reason

Why is it always "creative differences"? I've grown tired of hearing that whenever someone exits a project; why not surprise us and say "I left because the studio doesn't know what the heck they're doing" or "I've invented a real invisible jet so screw you guys"? Warner Bros. just suffered a blow to their upcoming WONDER WOMAN feature as...
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