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Mister Sinister confirmed for Wolverine 3 plus Deadpool 2 tease

For those of you who stayed until the end of the credits for X-MEN: APOCALYPSE, you were treated to a brief scene featuring some of the aftermath of Wolverine's slaughter at Alkali Lake. Most notably, we witnessed a mysterious character take a sample of Wolverine's DNA, placing it in a briefcase that belonged to the Essex Corp. This company, for those not in the know, is owned...
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Denis Villeneuve on the terror he feels making a sequel to Blade Runner

Even when you've got an extremely talented cast and crew behind you, the thought of making a sequel to one of the best sci-fi movies of all time must be incredibly daunting, let alone making it over thirty years after the original was released. Denis Villeneuve is currently in the midst of production on the BLADE RUNNER sequel and he's letting you know right now that "...
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Patrick Stewart does drag in the season 2 trailer for Blunt Talk

While we have a bit of a wait until we see Patrick Stewart up on the big screen in the UNTITLED WOLVERINE SEQUEL, you can check out his comedy chops at home with season 2 of Blunt Talk coming in October! If you haven't had the chance to check out the Starz show, it follows a British newscaster who moves to Los Angeles with his alcoholic manservant and the baggage of several failed...
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Johann Johannson will reteam with Denis Villeneuve to score Blade Runner 2

There's a lot of elements that helped to make BLADE RUNNER the classic it's considered today, and one of the most notable of those was the score from Vangelis. While most electronic scores from yesteryear generally date the film, Vangelis was able to create a sonic landscape that felt new, yet familiar. It goes hand in hand with the fantastic imagery, so I think we can all agree...
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Jared Leto now also a part of the Blade Runner 2 cast

It wouldn't appear that Jared Leto has been "tricked" into joining the cast of BLADE RUNNER 2. By all accounts, he has chosen to sign onto the sequel of his own volition.  Leto will be a part of Denis Villeneuve 's follow-up to Ridley Scott 's 1982 sci-fi original in a role that remains under wraps, much like every other aspect of the film. What I can tell is that he probably...
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Hugh Jackman is looking like an old man in his latest Instagram photo

As we all know, Hugh Jackman has been plenty busy shooting the next Wolverine sequel with director James Mangold . There's been nothing revealed regarding the plot of the film, but judging from the set pictures, everyone's guess is that the Old Man Logan story line will come heavily into play. Need some proof? Check out a recent picture that Jackman uploaded to Instagram. The...
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Patrick Stewart teases Wolverine 3 which may be his last X-Men appearance

It's a little sad to imagine a world in which Hugh Jackman isn't playing Wolverine, but as the actor is currently in the midst of production on what will be his final appearance as the character, I suppose it's something we'll have to get used to. While we're bidding farewell to Hugh Jackman next year, we may also be saying goodbye to Patrick Stewart 's...
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The Walking Dead's Lennie James joins the cast of Blade Runner 2

The idea of a sequel to Ridley Scott 's BLADE RUNNER should sound like a terrible idea, it really should, but damn if I'm not growing more and more excited about the project with each passing day. Taking place decades after the first film, the UNTITLED BLADE RUNNER SEQUEL will bring Harrison Ford back as Rick Deckard and pair him up with Ryan Gosling . Details on the plot...
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Composer Cliff Martinez to score James Mangold's untitled Wolverine sequel

My first exposure to Cliff Martinez's film work came with Joe Carnahan 's NARC and I was immediately hooked. His ambience-filled, dark toned sounds provide an eerie and ethereal feel to any images they accompany and can be quite powerful when used to his full strengths, such as films like TRAFFIC, DRIVE, SPRING BREAKERS, The Knick, and much more. Now, the former Red Hot Chili...
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Barkhad Abdi joins the cast of Blade Runner 2

We've had our share of pointless sequels released long after the original, especially in the past few years, but if the sheer amount of talent attached to the upcoming sequel to Ridley Scott 's BLADE RUNNER is any indication, this may be one sequel which could live up to its predesesor. Production on the sequel will kick off next month and Entertainment Weekly has learned...
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20th Century Fox scoops up domain names for possible Wolverine 3 titles

Our first look from the set of the WOLVERINE 3 brought us a very beard-y Hugh Jackman in what looks to be a kind of riff on Mark Millar 's Old Man Logan storyline. As you can imagine, that wouldn't exactly make for the most exciting of titles, so 20th Century Fox has picked up a few domain names that might suggest the direction they're headed. The first is...
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Mackenzie Davis is the latest to join cast of Blade Runner sequel

Go ahead and add THE MARTIAN's Mackenzie Davis to the cast for Denis Villeneuve 's yet-to-be-officially-titled BLADE RUNNER sequel that also stars Ryan Gosling ,  Robin Wright ,  Dave Bautista ,  Ana de Armas ,  Sylvia Hoeks ,  Carla Juri and, most importantly, a returning Harrison Ford .  What role is she set to play? I don't...
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