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Cool Videos: What if Michael Haneke had directed Star Wars: Episode VII instead of Amour

I watched AMOUR a few weeks ago and was devastated by how bleak it is. Don't get me wrong, it was an excellent movie, just incredibly depressing. But, what do you expect from a Michael Haneke movie? Puppies and flowers? At this year's Cesar Awards in France, a little tribute to Haneke was put together imagining what his version of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII may look like. The result is...
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Review: Amour

PLOT: Georges (Jean-Louis Tritignant) and Anne ( Emmanuelle Riva ) seem to be weathering the transition to old age better than most. Two former piano teachers, they spend their days going to concerts, listening to music, and gently teasing each other about their age. Most importantly, they’re still devoted to each other. One morning, Anne has a stroke, and a subsequent operation...
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