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Binge Watchin' TV Review: Miami Vice

Welcome to Binge Watchin,’ where we take a look at some of the best TV shows available on streaming or disc that have a great catalogue of seasons to jump into and get sucked into the beautiful bliss of binge watching! From crime, action, comedy, drama, animation, etc., we’ll be evaluating an assortment of shows that will hopefully serve as a gateway to your next binge experience....
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The Best Movie You Never Saw: Michael Mann's Thief

Welcome to The Best Movie You NEVER Saw, a column dedicated to examining films that have flown under the radar or gained traction throughout the years, earning them a place as a cult classic or underrated gem that was either before it’s time and/or has aged like a fine wine. This week we’ll be looking at THIEF. THE STORY: Frank ( James Caan ) is a...
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Cool Videos: Batman & The Joker remake Heat

With all the oxygen of the day being sucked up by SUICIDE SQUAD talk and not much else going on, I thought I'd throw you a DC Cinematic bone of sorts to help you make it to the other side. Granted, this has nothing to do with what Warner Bros. is kicking around at the moment, but it does go a little old-school with one of their films from 20 years ago - Michael Mann 's...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Colin Farrell

Last week , we took a look at the career of actor Ethan Hawke . This week’s subject is another star who’s managed to navigate the tricky jump from heartthrob to character actor/leading man... Colin Farrell Hype is a dangerous thing. When the Hollywood taste-makers or the media prematurely crown a hot young celeb the new king or queen of Tinseltown,...
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Michael Mann to launch his own line of novels including a prequel to Heat

There's no question that Michael Mann 's films are studied extensively beforehand. The quality of the end result is up for debate, but Mann has a knack for detail. It looks like that scrutiny is going to pay off as the Mann is starting his own line of books, aptly called: Michael Mann Books. The idea is to put together a group of writers and develop a series of novels...
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Noomi Rapace in talks to join Christian Bale in Michael Mann's Ferrari movie

THR has learned that Noomi Rapace (PROMETHEUS, THE DROP) is in negotiations to star alongside Christian Bale in Michael Mann 's Enzo Ferrari biopic. Bale was cast as the Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team founder a couple of months ago , and Rapace is in negotiations to play Laura Dominica, Ferrari’s wife. Paramount recently also agreed to...
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Christian Bale will star as Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann's new film

Michael Mann 's extraordinary film HEAT turns twenty this year, that's crazy. BLACKHAT, the directors most recent film, didn't fare nearly as well as HEAT did as it failed to generate any real commercial or critical interest. Mann isn't letting that set him back however as Deadline reports that Michael Mann is moving forward on his Enzo Ferrari biopic and that...
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Michael Mann eyeing 2016 production start date for his Enzo Ferrari biopic

There's been some movement on Cecchi Gori Media's long-in-development biopic about Italian driver and Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team founder Enzo Ferrari. Michael Mann will helm the movie, and Variety is reporting that Mann and Cecchi Gori Media are considering shooting it sometime in 2016 . As to where CGM is currently at with the project, chief executive...
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Top 10 Best Computer Hacking Movies

BLACKHAT opens in theaters today and looks to be one of the most realistic approaches to showing computer hacking on the silver screen. With technology shifting almost daily, hacking has always felt a step behind the times. Still, hacking is pretty damn cool when showcased online and these films present the best movies using the terminology or concept of hacking. If your favorite didn't make...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Blackhat Director Michael Mann!

Michael Mann has long been one of the most iconic filmmakers working in Hollywood. From his early years with such films as THIEF and MANHUNTER to greats such as THE INSIDER, COLLATERAL and HEAT, he continues to venture into exciting new cinematic territory. This is especially true with his latest where he explores the world of cybercrime with BLACKHAT. Sitting across from this...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 Michael Mann Movie Moments

Who doesn't love a good Michael Mann movie? After decades behind the camera with movies like THIEF, MANHUNTER, and THE INSIDER, Mann rebooted his career after discovering the freedom of using digital versus celluloid. We have gotten movies like COLLATERAL, MIAMI VICE, and PUBLIC ENEMIES and now, after six years since his last film, we now have BLACKHAT. Check out our review...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interviews: Blackhat Stars Tang Wei and Leehom Wang and More!

In BLACKHAT, the new feature film from Michael Mann , the idea of just how scary the internet can be is played out. Two of my favorite performances in the film - aside from the terrific Chris Hemsworth - include Tang Wei and Leehom Wang who portray siblings helping find a very dangerous cybercriminal. Recently at the junket for the film, I had the fantastic opportunity to speak to...
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