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Michael Moore in TrumpLand filmed in secret and given last-minute release

Whoa, so Michael Moore has apparently just made an entire film in secret . Now he's scrambling to finish the editing and mixing to premiere it  tonight at the New York IFC Center, and reportedly has just hired a publicist  today  to book press screenings this weekend in venues around Los Angeles and New York. I mean, I've done some...
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Review: Where to Invade Next (TIFF 2015)

PLOT: Michael Moore 's latest documentary takes a comical look at the progressive social policies of some of Europe's most productive countries, with Moore arguing the U.S should actively steal some of these ideas to increase ordinary Americans' quality of life. REVIEW: Michael Moore is nothing if not divisive, but his latest doc, WHERE TO INVADE NEXT, is one of the most...
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Where on the Shelf Is...The Films of Frederick Wiseman?

Welcome to "Where on the Shelf Is..." In this column, I look at great TV shows and movies that have never been on DVD and/or Blu-ray. For your pleasure and out of all of our frustrations, this column examines the Where, When and, of course, WHY?! of these non-releases. Up this week is... THE FILMS OF FREDERICK WISEMAN What Is It?: Frederick Wiseman has been a...
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