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Review: The Drop (TIFF 2014)

PLOT: Bob Saginowsk ( Tom Hardy ) works at his cousin Marv's ( James Gandolfini ) bar, which doubles as a “drop” for mob money. When the two are robbed for a relatively small amount, they realize how vulnerable they are to robberies, which could have deadly consequences for them if they get ripped off for enough tainted money. When they're chosen to be the drop for...
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Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini headline the trailer for thriller The Drop

Tom Hardy and his beard have been getting quite the workout this year. Between LOCKE and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, Hardy's facial hair has almost become a character all it's own. Now, the scruff returns with a New York accent alongside Noomi Rapace and the late James Gandolfini in the trailer for THE DROP. Coming from Dennis Lehane (MYSTIC RIVER, GONE BABY GONE), THE DROP...
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Bullhead director to take on The Tiger produced by Darren Aronofsky and Brad Pitt

BULLHEAD director Michael R. Roskam is attached to direct THE TIGER, an adaptation of the novel by John Vaillant with a script by Guillermo Arriaga (BABEL).  At one time the project was to be helmed by Darren Aronofsky with Brad Pitt attached to star, but it has since become another of Aronofsky's leavings (much like a famed mutant sequel currently in production).  Aronofsky and Pitt are...
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