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Review: I Origins (Fantasia Film Festival)

PLOT: Two molecular biologists ( Michael Pitt & Brit Marling ) studying the biology of the human eye, make a stunning discovery that challenges their unshakable belief that everything is explicable by science. REVIEW: The notion of science vs faith is one of the all-time most polarizing debates, and one that stirs up strong emotions on either side. Unshakable...
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Michael Pitt and Britt Marling investigate fate in the trailer for I Origins

Two years ago, director Mike Cahill and screenwriter/star Britt Marling turned in a unique indie science fiction movie called ANOTHER EARTH. Released around the same time as Lars Von Trier's MELANCHOLIA, the contemplative drama received pretty good reviews and several awards at the Sundance Film Festival. It also signaled a strong and distinct filmmaking voice. Now, we get to see what...
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Which four directors are on the shortlist for Masters of the Universe?

Iím trying to wrap my head around the idea of making a live-action He-Man flick. Sure, they did it back in 1987, but thatís not saying much. It was the 80s. That said, is this a film that will ever transfer well? I could definitely see an awesomely updated animated version making waves. Thereís tons of great fan art on the web to support that theory. Regardless, theyíve decided...
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