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TV Review: Heroes Reborn - Series Premiere "Brave New World/Odessa"

Plot :  In a new world order, people with extraordinary abilities are in hiding and are hunted by those with nefarious motives following a catastrophic terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas.  Episode: "Brave New World"/"Odessa" Review:  Five years ago, Heroes went off the air fairly unceremoniously. After debuting in 2006, the NBC...
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Ben Kingsley takes on historical drama in the Tut mini-series trailer

I know you're all itching to watch Ben Kingsley do his thing, and while his NOT-MANDARIN Marvel spin-off film has yet to be announced, maybe this will tie someone over. Spike TV has produced a mini-series on the King who's name people have to double check the spelling for, King Tutankhamun. This limited run seeks to explore the drama of power, political back-stabbing, war and...
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History's Roots reboot nearing green light with director Allen Hughes

Back in 1977, Alex Haley 's book ROOTS became the biggest and most talked about mini-series of all time. A little over a year ago, the news broke that cable network History planned to remake the series for a new generation. As we get closer and closer to that becoming a reality, the network has found their director. Allen Hughes , best known as a part of the Hughes Brothers, has...
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Frances McDormand and Bill Murray star in trailer for HBO's Olive Kitteridge

HBO has been one of the premier destinations for original programming for over twenty years ranging from mini-series to films and documentaries. Recently, the mini-series THE NORMAL HEART and MILDRED PIERCE received critical acclaim and HBO hopes to do it again with the adaptation of OLIVE KITTERIDGE. Directed by THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT filmmaker Lisa Chodolenko and based on the...
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Dominic Cooper is Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond in this new trailer for the mini-series

If anyone watched last night's DOCTOR WHO Christmas special you undoubtedly saw the trailer for BBC America's airing of the mini-series FLEMING: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE BOND starring Dominic Cooper as the creator of James Bond . The series looks to be a mix of action and drama as it gives us a biography of Ian Fleming and how he came to create the iconic character of 007. Cooper looks...
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Agnieszka Holland to direct NBC's Rosemary's Baby mini-series

When NBC previously announced they were developing a mini-series based on Roman Polanski 's ROSEMARY'S BABY, we had no idea what to expect from it. Was it going to be a longer, self-contained series like AMERICAN HORROR STORY or was it going to be the traditional, two night network mini that was popular in the 1980s and early 1990s. Veteran TV director Agnieszka Holland (TREME, THE...
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History to produce a new version of the mini-series Roots

Most people have seen ROOTS one of two ways: when it was the biggest television event during it's initial airing or in one of the numerous replays, DVDs, or school substitute days since. ROOTS has become part of American television history and is a reference point for all future network TV mini-series that followed. Despite two sequel series that did not live up to the original (ROOTS...
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The Bible mini-series is being re-edited as a Christ-centric theatrical film called Son of God

Talk about milking it for every last drop. Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, who produced THE BIBLE for History Channel, are producing a film about Jesus Christ titled SON OF GOD which will be distributed by 20th Century Fox. The kicker? The film is essentially going to be a re-edit of the Jesus scenes from THE BIBLE along with deleted footage that didn't make it into the 20 hour...
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Adrien Brody to play Harry Houdini in an upcoming History channel mini-series

History, like many cable networks, is venturing away from what the channel was initially designed to showcase and into the world of scripted television. With the huge success of their HATFIELDS & MCCOYS mini-series as well as THE BIBLE and VIKINGS, History may have found their next big project. Oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody has committed to star in History's mini-series...
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The sequel to The Bible is coming to NBC

I couldn't think of a witty joke title for the sequel to History's mini-series THE BIBLE. I considered BIBLE 2: CHRISTIAN BOOGALOO, BIBLE 2: JUDGEMENT DAY, or even THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. But, all of those are a little offensive so we will go with the real title: A.D.: BEYOND THE BIBLE. The Mark Burnett-produced mini-series had huge ratings (13 million viewers) and NBC sorely...
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