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Review: Queen of Katwe

PLOT: The true story of Phiona Mutesi (Madina Nalwanga), a young girl from the slums of Uganda, who becomes a master chess player under the guidance of her coach ( David Oyelowo ), while her mother (Lupita Nyong’o) struggles to find the bare necessities the family needs to survive. REVIEW: As far as movies about chess go, QUEEN OF KATWE is definitely up there with...
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Review: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

PLOT: A young Pakistani man, Changez ( Riz Ahmed ), leaves his family in Lahore to study business at Princeton. From there, he graduates to a large Wall Street firm, and seems to have it all, including an admiring boss ( Kiefer Sutherland ), a huge bank account, and a trophy girlfriend ( Kate Hudson ). However, after the events of 9/11, Changezí world begins to change....
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The trailer for Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist looks like an intriguing glimpse at our post-9/11 world

Sometimes all it takes is a recognizable actor to get a movie seen that would otherwise be avoided. I have a feeling that the cast of THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST will get a lot of people to see a movie with an interesting perspective. Kate Hudson , Liev Schrieber , and Kiefer Sutherland are big enough stars for people to check out Mira Nair 's latest. From the looks of this...
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