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Mitch Hurwitz is editing Arrested Development season 4 into a linear story

Fans of Arrested Development who wished for a little something more when it came to Season 4 might be in luck. I would like to emphasize the word ‘might’ though and you’ll soon know why. Season 4 of AD seemed like a very different show for many viewers and understandably so considering the longer runtime made for some unnecessary scenes. Not to mention a lot of the...
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Review: Arrested Development (Season 4 on Netflix)

NOTE: As most of you already know, this is Season 4 of this series, although the last season ended in 2006. All 15 episodes of this season are currently available to view streaming online via Netflix . PLOT: The continuing misadventures of the Bluth family, as they find themselves wrapped up in various plots, including a scam to erect a wall separating the US and Mexico,...
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9 new "character" promo posters for Arrested Development season 4

I discovered Mitch Hurwitz's Arrested Development while deployed to Iraq, sitting in a 6x9 metal can with my laptop on my chest. I watched every episode of every season one after the other whenever I could squeeze them in and when it was over I was truly disappointed as there was no more coming. The show had been cancelled, leaving behind three seasons of absolute comedy brilliance that can...
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Seth Rogen and Kristen Wiig to guest star in season four of Arrested Development

There are few shows that are funnier and more re-watchable than Arrested Development. Back in the day (2005 actually) my friends and I would get drunk and re-watch the first two seasons over and over again. To this day whenever I mention the show to them they say, "God damn, there were so many times I passed out on your couch and woke up to the DVD menu playing the theme song. I'd be too...
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The new season of Arrested Development halts production... to film more episodes

I don't believe that I've used the word "awesome" in any of my writeups lately, but here's some news to which it is acutely applicable: production on the newest season of "Arrested Development" has been halted by 20th Century Fox TV because, while shooting the initial ten episodes-worth of material, series creator Mitch Hurwitz "shot more material than planned and also came up with ideas...
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