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Sam Raimi set to direct near-future thriller World War 3

Billblock Media and Warner Bros. have entered into a two-year, first-look production agreement, and it's been announced that the first film as part of the deal will be WORLD WAR 3, a futuristic thriller based on the George Friedman non-fiction novel The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century . Sam Raimi is attached to direct the planned movie, however there's no...
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Sam Raimi may direct remake of French crime thriller A Prophet

Sam Raimi hasn't directed a feature film since 2013's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, but according to Variety , he is currently in talks with Sony to helm a remake of Jacques Audiard 's Oscar-nominated French thriller A PROPHET . The script was adapted by Mystic River and Shutter Island author Dennis Lehane , and the studio's next task is to find someone to star...
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Cool Videos: See the opening credit sequence for Sam Raimi's Oz The Great and Powerful

I have yet to see OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, due to the lack of through-the-roof reviews mostly, but do look forward to checking it out someday.  Regardless of my perception, however, the film is still a big hit and with a sequel in the works it seems that the world of Oz is here to stay (again).  Today, Disney released the opening credits sequence online, which is pretty cool...
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Disney's Oz sequel to compete with Warner Bros proposed adult fantasy series Red Brick Road

With the success of OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL and the announcement of the impending sequel, many have been left wondering if we can expect to see a reimagining of THE WIZARD OF OZ come next. Not so fast, folks. Producer Joe Roth recently indicated that the sequel to OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL has 20 years of time before the events of THE WIZARD OF OZ to play with, thus avoiding...
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Sam Raimi will not return for the sequel to Oz The Great and Powerful

Sam Raimi may have felt the draw to OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, but he does not seem to feel the same towards making a sequel. Despite a surprising open weekend gross of $150 million worldwide and the announcement that Disney is already fast-tracking the follow-up, Sam Raimi is not on board to direct it. In fact, it almost seems that Raimi never intended to stick around for a second...
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Exclusive: Oz The Great And Powerful musical review!

Well, OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL hit theaters today and is sitting at 60% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with our own Chris Bumbray giving it a 5/10 in his review .  It's not exactly BATTLESHIP numbers, but certainly not THE AVENGERS numbers either.  I didn't expect that it would rock our worlds, but merely be a flashier substitute to the garbage we've been fed so far at the box...
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Disney is ready to walk down the yellow brick road again as they prep for a sequel to Oz the Great and Powerful

Sam Raimi 's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL finally hits theaters tomorrow, but will it be successful? The film is poised for a $90- million dollar debut according to pre-release audience surveys. Disney is predicting a little less at $75 million. If it does, Oz will be one of the bigger openers this year. Regardless of all this numbers talk, Disney is already prepping a sequel. We...
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Review: Oz The Great and Powerful

PLOT: A small-time con-man ( James Franco ) who ekes out a living conning audiences at a travelling carnival, is swept off to the magical land of Oz after making a hasty getaway in a hot air balloon. He quickly fools people into thinking heís the great magician thatís been prophesized to replace their dead king. Before assuming his throne, he must first contend with the dead...
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This new clip from Oz The Great and Powerful gives us a good look at Sam Raimi's vision of the magical realm

OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL will be the first big screen return to the Yellow Brick Road since 1985's cult classic, RETURN TO OZ. But, Sam Raimi 's vision will be by far the biggest budgeted take on the L. Frank Baum series since the original musical starring Judy Garland. Disney is obviously hoping to parlay this into a new franchise and they could not have chosen a better...
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SPOILERS: So, just who is the wicked witch in Sam Raimi's Oz The Great And Powerful?

MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW!  Look, I doubt you clicked on this with the intention of NOT being spoiled, but I have to reiterate just in case.  The pics below will spoil the reveal of the Wicked Witch in OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, so turn back now if you wish to keep your mind clear of the pointy-nosed villain. Okay, so if you're sticking around then you know what you're in...
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Three new clips from Sam Raimi's Oz The Great And Powerful show off wicked fireballs, travelling bubbles, and CGI characters

If you're not quite sold on OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL just yet, these three new clips may sway you in either direction.  Sam Raimi 's journey back to the land of Oz definitely looks like a colorful, magical, CGI-infused journey, but the trailers haven't shown too much in terms of the tone.  These clips give a sense of the film, but I still think it's too early to call. ...
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New featurette for Sam Raimi's Oz The Great And Powerful takes you behind the scenes of the epic prequel

Sam Raimi 's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, a prequel to the classic WIZARD OF OZ, has been on a marketing rollercoaster, enticing viewers with reminiscent visions from the land of Oz with the promise of a visual feast of vibrant color, strange creatures, and both wicked and good witches.† Starring James Franco as the titular Oz, the star talks about his role in the film along with Mila...
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