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Jean Dujardin meets Inception in this teaser for Mobius

Oscar winner Jean Dujardin is known primarily for comedic roles in France, but his brilliant turn in THE ARTIST gave him the credibility to do whatever projects he wants. One of those that breaks his funny mold is this thriller from director Eric Rochant. MOBIUS looks like it is at least partially in English with a few recognizable character actors from the States. Tim Roth plays a...
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Newly announced action/sci-fi film Mobius is being pitched as Moby Dick... IN SPACE!

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN was one of last year's most talked-about films. And writer/director Lynne Ramsay has decided to parlay that success into something more. Some sci-fi. Something... called MOBIUS.  Co-written with her KEVIN collaborator Rory Kinnear, MOBIUS "takes cues" from Melville's classic tale described as a "psychological action thriller set in deep space"...
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