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Nicolas Cage & Brian Taylor talk Mom & Dad and love of Ghost Rider sequel

Part of the fun of attending a film festival like TIFF as part of the accredited media, is that you get access to a wide range of stars out there promoting their films. While I mostly stick to reviews, when the opportunity to sit down with the great Nicolas Cage presented itself, I couldn’t pass it up. Here’s my interview with Cage, and director Brian Taylor about their...
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Review: Mom and Dad (TIFF)

PLOT: An inexplicable phenomena results in parents being uncontrollably compelled to murder their children. REVIEW: MOM AND DAD marks the solo directorial debut of Brian Taylor , one half of the famous Neveldine/Taylor directorial duo, which brought us such crazed classics as the CRANK series and GAMER. Despite a presumably lower budget then their last outing as a team, GHOST...
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