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Awfully Good: The Ape

Before James Franco gave rise to the new Planet of the Apes trilogy, he got involved with a different kind of monkey business…   The Ape (2005)   Director: James Franco Stars: James Franco, Brian Lally, Allison Bibicoff An aspiring writer leaves his family and moves in to an apartment to work on his masterpiece, only...
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Taika Waititi's film about MJ's monkey Bubbles might find a home on Netflix

We reported on Taika Waititi 's (THOR: RAGNAROK) upcoming stop-motion animated film (co-directed by Mark Gustafson , FANTASTIC MR. FOX)  about Michael Jackson 's pet monkey, titled BUBBLES . It's based on a 2015 Black List script by Isaac Adamson, where we see everything through Bubbles' eyes, alongside his sophisticated, overly-verbose voice-over....
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King Kong TV series on the way, not connected to any previous versions

So, like the headline says, there's a new KING KONG TV series in the works, that's not connected to any previous versions. This includes the recent reboot KONG: SKULL ISLAND. So how is that even possible? Well, it seems that the rights to KING KONG are scattered all over the place. Universal owns most of them, but not the actual trademark (which is how Warner Bros. was...
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