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Awfully Good: Worst of 2016

The Worst Movies of 2016 I think we as a human society can agree that 2016 was a particularly awful year for a number of reasons. And that misery sadly extended to the movies as well. Here’s my list of the worst of the worst—films were all memorably terrible for their own special reasons. 10. MOTHER’S DAY Garry Marshall sure had a hard-on for that...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Keanu, The Killing Joke, Mother's Day

This Week: A whole bunch of Key & Peele, The Killing Joke gets animated, and Garry Marshall's last sappy comedy. ► Key & Peele bang off some big laughs in KEANU , co-starring the most adorable damn kitten you’ll find outside of YouTube. After he escapes a drug cartel massacre, he ends...
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Review: Mother's Day

PLOT : The adventures of a bunch of well off women and men, all of whom are dealing with family during the week leading up to Mother’s Day. REVIEW : Watching the new Garry Marshall film is akin to going to watch an actor friend in a scene study showcase. You have a bunch of thespians on-stage doing random scenes that sometimes go together, and oftentimes don’t. At...
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Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and more join the rom com Mother's Day

Do you remember back when Garry Marshall directing a movie meant it had the chance of being a decent romantic comedy rather than a holiday-themed ensemble debacle? Yeah, me either. After the painfully bad VALENTINE'S DAY and NEW YEAR'S EVE, we now can look forward to MOTHER'S DAY. The first cast-members have been announced and they include Julia Roberts , Jennifer...
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