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Chloe Moretz joins the YA craze in The 5th Wave trailer

You're going to earn your money in trying to make it through the new international trailer for THE 5TH WAVE, Sony's latest attempt to capitalize on the YA craze that's produced such hits as THE HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT and such misses as BEAUTIFUL CREATURES and THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. Oh, it's not because the film looks bad. It looks... okay, average, about what you'd expect from a...
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The First Poster and Trailer for V/H/S: Viral Go Full Crazy

V/H/S: VIRAL is the upcoming third film in the horror anthology series with a debut trailer for you to check out. It puts a recap on the series so far and then goes all out with shots from the latest chapter. The movie features segments from directors Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes, Extraterrestrial), Marcel Sarmiento (ABCs of Death segment “D is for Dogfight”), Gregg...
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Legendary trailer voice artist Hal Douglas has died; leaves a legacy of cool

One of the most prolific voices for film trailers, Hal Douglas, has passed away at age 89. Douglas' voice is instantly recognizeable and served as the narrator to the films of a generation, introducing us to films via the trailer, long before there was such a thing as the Internet where details were widely known long before release. Movies like LETHAL WEAPON, THE ROCK, MEN IN BLACK, CRIMSON...
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Theater owners implement new guidelines to shorten movie trailers

Well, it looks like you may start seeing shorter trailers for Hollywood films. That is, if the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) have anything to say about it. The group has spent months developing new guidelines that would shorten movie trailers, as well as other marketing techniques, having met with many of the studios in an attempt to create reasonable parameters. Here's...
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Check out the recently refurbished (and awesome) JoBlo YouTube channel!

YouTube recently "pulled a Facebook" and updated the look of all of its channels so that the "new look" appears seamless across different platforms such as laptops, phones, tablets, TVs and probably the kitchen sink someday down the line. JoBlo.com joined YouTube around June 2011 and since then, has become one of the top channels for Movie Trailers around the...
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C'mon Hollywood: Are trailers ruining movies?

I love movie trailers. Always have, always will. Like a music video highlight reel, they can be pretty damn sweet. Sometimes, they’re a finely crafted tease that show very little, but still manage to intrigue. Mostly, it’s a crapshoot in terms of content, editing, and presentation. You get some beautifully chopped trailers and some awfully hacked ones. Lately, though, it seems like many...
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Top 10 Movie Trailers of 2012

Movie Trailers: Teasers, Theatrical, TV Spots, International, Domestic, Featurettes - they are a preview of what's coming next to our local movie screens. We look at them with anticipation, joy, and horror as we play them over and over scrutinizing each frame and proclaiming our love or hate for what it represents. Everyone has an opinion on what makes a good movie trailer and I'm sure my list...
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