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A film veteran remembers: my top five war films

It would probably be more apropos if this editorial focused on "films that explore the veteran experience" or some such category more specific to yesterday's importance.  But I haven't seen a wide enough selection of films which cover that topic, so my list would hardly be anything close to a qualified or considered opinion.  So here's what I'm going to do - part of Veterans Day is,...
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Rome actor Ciaran Hinds cast as major player in HBO's Game of Thrones season 3

Ciaran Hinds, who played a hell of a Ceasar in HBO's hit series Rome, has been cast as The King Beyond The Wall, Mance Rayder in the cable network's award-winning series Game of Thrones.  Hinds is one of those actors you see in everything, but often never learn his name.  He's got great presence and can act his ass off, so it's no surprise that he's been cast in the role, which is a very...
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