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Check out the main title theme from Star Trek: Discovery

The Star Trek TV franchise has a history of beautiful opening credit sequences complete with a rousing score ( go sit in the corner, Star Trek: Enterprise ), and it's gratifying to know that Star Trek: Discovery will be no different. With less than two weeks to go until the debut of the latest Star Trek series, it seems that we can't go a day without something Star Trek-related,...
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A Prince concert film entitled Sign O' The Times is set to rock on Showtime

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to through this thing we call life ... Are you ready to rock? It's been announced that Showtime has acquired the rights to distribute Prince's 30-year old concert film SIGN O' THE TIMES, a live and in-your-face display of glamorous rock n' roll power that hasn't aired on U.S. TV is more than a decade. The...
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Hulu adds HBO just in time for the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere

Light the signal fires, sound the alarm horns, and ready your deadliest armaments, because Hulu is adding HBO and Cinemax to its lineup just in time for the GAME OF THRONES Season 7 premiere! That's right, Hulu folk! Starting today, subscribers of the service can stream all of HBO's series, theatrical films, documentaries, sports, comedy and music specials - both live and...
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Game of Thrones featurette focuses on the music of the show

No one's more excited to see more GAME OF THRONES than me (mainly because I have a deadpool going, and am hopelessly addicted to gambling). But, either way, I can't wait. And I know I'm not the only one. Regardless, with the season premiere almost upon us, HBO has released yet another featurette to whet our appetites. This one, however, focuses on the music of Ramin Djawadi, creator...
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Biopic about Elvis Presley's manager The Colonel in development

Unfortunately, the music industry is full of terrible deals which take advantage of talent, and even a superstar like Elvis Presley wasn't immune. Before Presley's stardom exploded with the release of "Heartbreak Hotel" in 1956, he signed a contract with Tom Parker which made Parker his exclusive representative in all aspects of his career. Although Elvis Presley went...
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Pitch Perfect 3 teaser shows off tons of new footage and cast interviews

PITCH PERFECT is getting its third sequel later this year. The first two films were fun - if light - films, and were generally likable, especially the cast. Anna Kendrick , Rebel Wilson , Elizabeth Banks are all great, and are now being joined by John Lithgow and (ugh) DJ Khaled in the sequel. Now, with the movie coming out later this year, the studio sent a clever teaser...
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Put your hands together and make some noise for the Patti Cake$ trailer

One of the most important lessons you can learn in this life is to never let people tell you that you can't live your dreams. If you want to make something more of yourself, and aren't afraid to put in a fair amount of hard work and dedication to make it happen, I think you should go for it. The world is filled with unlikely success stories, and there's no reason to...
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Ryan Gosling & Natalie Portman rock out in this trailer for Song to Song

I don't know about you, but I love me a good film centered around the trials and turbulence of the music industry. Two of my favorite films of the genre are Tom Hanks ' THAT THING YOU DO, and of course, Cameron Crowe 's ALMOST FAMOUS. I get really into this stuff; the in-fighting, the conflicts of creative genius, and oh the hangovers. It's a world that I might have...
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Paaaaarttyy! Wayne's World is returning to theaters next month

Time to get your Queen tape out of the garage, head down to your parents basement and party like there’s no tomorrow, because WAYNE’S WORLD is coming back to theaters! I know you’re excited, and you think you’re gonna hurl, but you need to calm down! If you spew then I’m gonna catch a whiff, and then it’ll set off a chain reaction! Yes, the...
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John Williams says John Williams a hack and Star Wars scores "not memorable"

John Williams is like the [most recent popular sports athlete] of composers! Besides STAR WARS, he's the man behind the music of JAWS, E.T., JURASSIC PARK, HARRY POTTER, INDIANA JONES, and the list goes on! If it weren't for Alvin Silvestri doing the theme to BACK TO THE FUTURE, the '80s would have basically been scored by John Williams (and Devo). Which is why it's...
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Rami Malek to play Freddie Mercury; Bryan Singer in talks to direct

There have been countless people attached to a project chronicling Freddie Mercury's involvement with British rock band Queen over the years and finally, barring any unforeseen circumstances, those who have been anxiously awaiting the long-in-development flick may actually get to see it. 20th Century Fox and New Regency have put BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY on the fast track and Deadline...
11 Continue Reading Talks Marvel, Bad Flicks & more w/ Jeph Howard of The Used!

Movies rock my world. I love watching them, discussing them and letting them linger afterwards. As much of a passion movies are for me, I feel the same about music. One of my favorite bands happens to be The Used. From the their very first record, to their latest, “Live and Acoustic at The Palace,” they create a sound that can be intensely fierce as well as emotionally...
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