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Horrible Bosses Seth Gordon to direct Uncharted

UNCHARTED fans, the live-action adaptation of your beloved video game now has a director. It's an interesting choice... Seth Gordon will helm the action adventure. What has Gordon worked on? THE KING OF KONG (Great documentary, also background with games), FOUR CHRISTMASES, HORRIBLE BOSSES, and IDENTITY THIEF. Curious choice... For those who haven't played the game, here's...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Here's what Disney should do with Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is easily one of the most iconic and badass characters to have ever graced the silver screen. Some people had the original STAR WARS trilogy mold their childhood, but mine was always set with the Indiana Jones films. Unfortunately in 2008, a lot of the magic was ruined with INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL and to keep from experiencing all out...
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I Want That: Sideshow Collectibles Nathan Drake from Uncharted 3 figure

I know we have several fans of the UNCHARTED gaming series so this post is just for them. Sideshow Collectibles just revealed a figure for lead character, Nathan Drake. If you are thinking this would be a perfect addition to your Christmas list, you might want to think more along the lines of Christmas 2014. The figure isn't set to drop until August 2014. You can head over to the...
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