After 46 years on PBS, Sesame Street is moving to HBO

After almost fifty years of being broadcast on public television, iconic children's television program Sesame Street will be moving to premium cable network HBO. Before you start applauding that the show no longer needs to abide by language or sexual censorship, HBO plans to retain the same high bar of excellence Sesame Street has always held while expanding the brand even more....
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Leonardo DiCaprio will have 24 personalities in The Crowded Room

Leonardo DiCaprio is looking to plead insanity in one of his upcoming projects. THE CROWDED ROOM will be adapted from Daniel Keyes' 1981 non-fiction book "The Minds of Billy Milligan" and will star DiCaprio in the lead role. The book chronicles the true experiences of Milligan as the first person to use mental illness as a defense against his crimes of robbery and the...
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Competing Bowe Bergdahl films coming from Kathryn Bigelow and Todd Field

Controversial topics always make for intriguing feature films and the story of Bowe Bergdahl will be no exception. Competing film projects about the ordeal of the American military officer embroiled in one of the most debated news stories of the year. Normally, projects like this do not garner too much attention until filmmakers are involved and in this case we have two very talented...
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The 3D TV fad is dead! Long live 4K!

At the Consumer Electronic Show, TV giant Vizio made the announcement that they would not be releasing any 3D televisions in 2014, marking the first manufacturer to abandon the format and sending ripples through the industry. A recent survey of 3D TV owners found that 8 out of 19 regret purchasing the unit which keeps in line with the declining popularity of 3D both at home and on the...
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A study shows half of movie fans think trailers show too much of a movie's plot

As someone who works for a movie website, I can say the majority of my time is anticipating new trailers to get a glimpse at upcoming movies to share with all of you. Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright awful. But, something that seems to be happening more and more in movie trailers is the abundance of details about the movie itself. There used to be an art to making a...
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Updated! Rupert Murdoch announces 20th Century Fox holding company will be named 21st Century Fox

Update: The 21st Century Fox name will apply only to the umbrella company containing the Fox studios. Both television and film productions will remain 20th Century Fox. Amidst scandals that rocked his newspapers in the UK, media mogul Rupert Murdoch has decided to rebrand his entertainment companies as they branch off of his News Corporation. Murdoch went so far as to hire a company...
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Apocalypse News: Security firm to train military and law inforcement for the zombie apocalypse

The end is nigh, my friends! No longer are zombies the stuff of movies, comics, and television shows. Now they are invading the real world. Private security company HALO Corp. will be training 1,000 military and law enforcement officers on the proper ways of handling a zombie plague. The seminar will be held as part of the annual Counter-Terrorism Summit in San Diego, a legitimate...
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