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Blake Lively to play a disgraced MMA fighter in Nick Cassavetes' Bruised

If you've ever wanted to see Blake Lively step into the cage and kick some major ass, well, you're about to get your wish. Deadline reports that Blake Lively is set to play the lead in BRUISED, a mixed martial arts action/drama which is being introduced to buyers at Cannes this week. BRUISED will be directed by Nick Cassavetes (THE NOTEBOOK) and will find Blake...
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Nick Cassavetes writing/directing Ronda Rousey Road House remake

MGM is getting things lined up for their ROAD HOUSE remake. With Ronda Rousey already set to star , taking on the bouncer role that Patrick Swayze made famous back in 1989, the studio needed to find someone to actually make the film. Nick Cassavetes is their choice. Cassavetes has been tapped to write and direct the film, with an eye on heading into production early 2016....
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Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook to be retold as a television series on The CW

If you thought it would be tough to sit through another date night rewatching THE NOTEBOOK with your significant other, how about twelve times the time commitment? Entertainment Weekly has learned that The CW is developing a remake of the Nicholas Sparks novel turned seminal romantic film. The series, if greenlit, will be written by Todd Graff and produced by Sparks himself. There...
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Nick Cassavetes may direct Jackie Chan in action thriller The Foreigner

Variety is reporting that recent "The Good, The Bad & The Badass" subject Jackie Chan is final talks to star in an action thriller titled THE FOREIGNER for STX Entertainment. Nick Cassavetes (THE OTHER WOMAN, ALPHA DOG) is in negotiations to direct the planned movie from a script by ENEMY OF THE STATE and LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD screenwriter David Marconi ,...
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The Good, the Bad and the Badass: James Garner

Last week, we took a look at the career of veteran character actor Morgan Freeman . This week, we turn our attention to another universally beloved actor, who sadly passed away just a few days ago… James Garner It’s always sad when we use this column to pay tribute to someone who recently passed away, but considering that James Garner...
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Ryan Gosling tried to get Rachel McAdams replaced while filming The Notebook

As much as I dislike the works of author Nicholas Sparks , I have to admit that THE NOTEBOOK may be the most tolerable. Yes, it is tripe and overly sentimental, but the romance between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams feels genuine. And then I heard the news that Gosling and McAdams did not get along during production on the Nick Cassavetes film. In fact, Cassavetes revealed that...
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Weekend Box Office Report: April 25-27, 2014

The Other Woman beats Cap! After three weekends at #1, Marvel's flag-wearing superhero was nudged from the top of the box office by the female-fronted comedy THE OTHER WOMAN , which opened with  $24.7 million ! The PG-13 Cameron Diaz  romcom, also featuring  Leslie Mann , Kate Upton 's breasts, Nicki Minaj and...
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Review: The Other Woman

PLOT: Carly ( Cameron Diaz ) – a high-powered lawyer, is shocked to discover that her perfect new boyfriend, Mark ( Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ) is married. She soon starts an unlikely friendship with Mark’s ditzy wife, Kate ( Leslie Mann ) and when they discover that he has yet another mistress, the young and gorgeous Amber ( Kate Upton ), they decide to teach him a lesson once...
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Exclusive: Foul-Mouthed International TV spot for The Other Woman

As you try and gather yourself back from that image above, you have to ask yourself one question: why the heck would I spend my time watching a romantic comedy? How about because it is a foul-mouthed romantic comedy starring Leslie Mann , Cameron Diaz , and the delicious Kate Upton . Diaz and Mann have proven in the past they can raunch it up with the boys any day of the week and...
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Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz wrestle over Kate Upton in The Other Woman clip

So, after your significant other is dragged to numerous screenings of CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER there's going to be a little payback due. It often goes that way for a lot of couples, and it looks like the next romcom "payback" movie is going to be THE OTHER WOMAN. However, that's not really such a bad thing and the reason for that is simple: Kate Upton ....
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Awfully Good: The Wraith

Sorry, Aaron Paul. You might have a NEED FOR SPEED, but I'd rather go for a ride with... The Wraith (1986) Director: Mike Marvin Stars: Charlie Sheen, Sherilyn Fenn, Nick Cassavetes THE CROW meets KNIGHT RIDER meets DEATH PROOF. Starring Charlie Sheen. There's nothing I don't love about THE WRAITH. It's all the best parts of the...
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Exclusive: The version of The Other Woman trailer with a lot more Kate Upton

Yesterday saw the release of the trailer for THE OTHER WOMAN, a new romcom starring Cameron Diaz , Leslie Mann , Nikolaj Coster-Waldau , Don Johnson , Nicki Minaj (??), and most importantly, Kate Upton . The trailer looked decent, but let's face it, this is a movie that most of us will be forced to see as payback for dragging our significant others to CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE...
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