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Paul Verhoeven reveals what he thinks of the remake of Robocop

For a good decade, Dutch director Paul Verhoeven busted out a series of over the top and highly entertaining movies in America before heading back to the Netherlands. He's been missed, but remakes of his movies have kept those properties alive...somewhat. While promoting ELLE at the Toronto International Film Festival , Paul Verhoeven discussed several of those remakes with...
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Top 10 Most Gruesome Movie Deaths of All Time

Death is no laughing matter, unless a filmmaker wants it to be. Killing a character can either be a grave and serious moment or it could be absolutely insanely violent and over the top. Or, it could just be fricking hilarious. In the course of film history, death scenes have been one of the most lingering moments from numerous films. Here is our ranking of the ten most gruesome movie death...
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Review: The Judge + Video Review!

Check out the video review below! ST VINCENT was previously reviewed as part of our TIFF14 coverage. PLOT: An unscrupulous defense attorney ( Robert Downey Jr. ) who returns home after his mother dies, becomes forcefully reacquainted with his estranged Judge father ( Robert Duvall ) when the old man is accused of murder. REVIEW: Robert Downey Jr. is one...
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The Good, the Bad & the Badass: Robert Duvall

Last week , we took a look at the career of master director David Fincher . Considering his reputation for only working with the very best actors, it’s somewhat surprising he hasn’t yet found a part for this week’s badass... Robert Duvall   There aren't enough actors out there like Robert Duvall . Never a full-blown movie star...
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The international trailer for The Judge turns up the drama

Any new film starring Robert Downey Jr is bound to be a hit based purely on his popularity from the IRON MAN franchise. The guy is a talented actor who is in the enviable position of being able to cherry pick his roles these days. With THE JUDGE, Downey is trying to stretch his dramatic muscles a little more than usual. The first trailer for THE JUDGE painted Downey's character as a...
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Robert Downey Jr. shows us the latest on his film The Judge

Frankly, I'm itching to see Robert Downey Jr. in more roles outside of his Tony Stark persona. His upcoming flick, THE JUDGE, looks to deliver some classic Downey-isms, family struggles and courtroom drama all rolled into one. Sounds fine by me! Just today, RDJ himself posted a picture of the latest poster for the flick. First look, as promised. #TheJudge...
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The first trailer for The Judge starring Robert Downey Jr. goes on trial

The family crime drama THE JUDGE starring Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall has delivered a trailer that I wasn't quite expecting. Downey has taken off his action hero armour for this character driven drama which he produced with his wife, Susan Downey. Here’s the synopsis followed by the first trailer: Hank Palmer ( Robert Downey Jr. ) returns to his...
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2015 Oscar Contenders!

With the announcement of the first titles playing at this year's Cannes Film Festival, one could argue that this year's awards race has already begun. After all, future Oscar-winner THE ARTIST made it's debut at Cannes in 2012, and several contenders, including ALL IS LOST and NEBRASKA, were included in last year's selection. But what about the bigger studio fare due in...
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Exclusive: Top Ten Coolest Robots From Movies (Video)!

With ROBOCOP hitting theaters this week, we decided to take a look back at some of our other favorite movie robots, counting down our top 10 faves. There's a lot of cool 'bots out there, so it was no easy task, especially when you start getting into android and cyborg territory, but ultimately we boiled it down to some old-school and new-school favorites, including CGI, actors, and real...
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What did you think of...Robocop?

The latest addition to remake madness, ROBOCOP, is now in theaters after a whole lot of debate about its very existence. While the stalwart supporters of Paul Verhoeven's original contested the film from the get-go, the later generation seemed much more open to the idea of a newly revamped version of the sci-fi actioner. We've covered the marketing of the film extensively,...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: RoboCop star Abbie Cornish!

Abbie Cornish is absolutely lovely. And by that I mean she is a stunning beauty, a talented actress and a terrific person to talk with. As the love interest in the ROBOCOP remake, she plays off her co-star Joel Kinnaman extremely well. The two have very nice chemistry and had it been a lesser actress it may not have worked nearly as well. Thankfully, we have Abbie and she is terrific....
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Joel Kinnaman filmed a 17 page monologue for Terence Malick's Knight of Cups

Working on a Terence Malick movie means a lot of things. Firstly, it means you get to work with one of the most unique directors in the world. Secondly, it means your part may never be seen. Malick is notorious for excising entire performances from his films, some major characters played by talented A-list actors. You rarely see a director's cut of these scenes, either, as what Malick...
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