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Cool Videos: Check out The Predator Games, a mash-up trailer for The Hunger Games and Predators

While some mash-up trailers are done for laughs, this one for THE HUNGER GAMES and PREDATORS is actually pretty cool, and it works really well. Called "The Predator Games," the video makes it look like Jennifer Lawrence and her pals are battling the iconic alien creature on a distant planet. The editing is decent, and it's nice to see Katniss fighting someone that's...
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What announcement will Fox make at Comic-Con about a future Predators project?

Things could get very interesting at Fox's panel at Comic-Con this year. Besides featuring THE WOLVERINE and DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, Fox also has a "surprise" for their panel. Some might think it's related to the rumored X-FORCE movie, but what if it's for something more alien than mutant? The Facebook page for the 2010 film PREDATORS released this...
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C'mon Hollywood: Give us another Predator!

One of the coolest modern movie monsters is undoubtedly the PREDATOR. Created by screenwriters Jim and John Thomas and designed by FX guru Stan Winston , the first iteration of the famed alien creature in 1987ís PREDATOR, directed by John McTeirnan, became an instant classic, forever embedding the creature in pop culture everywhere. Since that time, the franchise has seen two...
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