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Top 10 Worst Movies of 2016 (Video)

Well, 2016 has been a pretty depressing buttsuck on many accounts, and in between all the celebrity deaths and world tragedies, there were plenty of shitty movies to rub the salt in our wounds. But now comes the time when we finally fight back against these shitty movies, with Awfully Good Movies' countdown of the Top 10 Worst Movies of 2016! Like last year, we polled you guys on...
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Awfully Good: Worst of 2016

The Worst Movies of 2016 I think we as a human society can agree that 2016 was a particularly awful year for a number of reasons. And that misery sadly extended to the movies as well. Here’s my list of the worst of the worst—films were all memorably terrible for their own special reasons. 10. MOTHER’S DAY Garry Marshall sure had a hard-on for that...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Star Trek Beyond, Bad Moms, Outlander

This Week: Boldly going to bat for Star Trek Beyond, a good time with Bad Moms, and Round 2 of the addictive Outlander. ► After an awful first trailer and the anemic reaction to the last movie, I can’t remember lower expectations for a Star Trek flick than STAR TREK BEYOND . So, of course,...
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Review: Nine Lives

PLOT: A busy tycoon ( Kevin Spacey ) is taught a lesson in family love when an eccentric pet shop owner ( Christopher Walken ) transforms him into a cat. His only hope is to mend fences with his estranged wife ( Jennifer Garner ) and young daughter (Malina Weissman). If he fails, he’ll have to stay a cat forever! REVIEW: Oh boy, here we go. It didn’t come as much...
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It's pussy galore in cat-filled Nine Lives featurette

There is a lot of attention being paid to SUICIDE SQUAD right now, which is unfortunate, given there is another weird major release hitting theaters this weekend that no one is talking enough about.  You know I'm talking about NINE LIVES. Yes, there is a movie about Kevin Spacey being turned into a cat, and no one is asking the questions of how did this movie get...
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Christopher Walken turns Kevin Spacey into a cat in the Nine Lives trailer

Tom Brand ( Kevin Spacey ) is a daredevil billionaire at the top of his game but his workaholic lifestyle has disconnected him from his family, particularly his beautiful wife Lara ( Jennifer Garner ) and his adoring daughter Rebecca (Malina Weissman). Rebecca's 11th birthday is here, and she wants the gift she wants every year, a cat. His GPS directs him to a mystical pet store...
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Risky click of the day: Trailers for the family films Nine Lives and Trolls

If you were eagerly anticipating the day Kevin Spacey would personify the most evil of household pets, then that wait will end on August 5th . Tom Brand (Spacey) is a daredevil billionaire at the top of his game. His daughter's 11th birthday is here and she wants a cat. Tom hates cats, but he is without a gift and time is running out. His GPS directs him to a mystical pet store...
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