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New look at Power Rangers non-spandex power suits

I think POWER RANGERS is going to surprise people. It seems to be making mostly all the right decisions when it comes to adapting something like this (play it straight, but allow yourself to have fun). The suits themselves exemplify that, with retaining what's iconic and fun about them (the dinosaur theme, the bright colors), while also being redesigned to be more sleek...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Please don't ruin our 90's nostalgia!

I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but I'm a nostalgic bastard. If it came out before the harsh realities of life set in and I was just another happy lad (the 90's), I probably remember and look back on it fondly. Hollywood, however, has a knack for having its way with those memories. I can't imagine, for example, growing up with STAR WARS and standing in line waiting to...
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