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Columbo movie starring Mark Ruffalo? Shut up and take my money!

Well, this just made my day. Recently screenwriter Gary Whitta (THE BOOK OF ELI, Gareth Edwards ' upcoming STAR WARS spinoff) has been talking about what a big screen version of the mystery television series Columbo might look like on his Twitter, and he thinks Mark Ruffalo would be excellent as the cigar chomping Lt. Columbo. Look at this man, how is this NOT the...
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Cool Videos: Fun mega movie mix featuring 52 different films

A good movie mix video can be hard to pull off, but this one created by Alecc is pretty impressive. Clips from 52 different movies (including a few upcoming films) were used to create the video, and it also features the song "Invaders Must Die" by The Prodigy. It's no easy task to edit this many clips together, but I think Alecc did a great job with this video....
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G.I. Joe director Jon Chu could helm Now You See Me 2

It was just last week that I finally got around to watching NOW YOU SEE ME ; the movie that went on to surprise many with its box office take ($351 million worldwide) is getting the sequel treatment and the wheels are now in motion. Reports suggest that G.I. JOE: RETALIATION ‘s Jon Chu is now the frontrunner to direct NOW YOU SEE ME 2 after the first film's director,...
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The top ten most pirated movies and television series of 2013

Each year TorrentFreak compiles a list of the top ten most pirated films and television series of the year, and they recently released their new lists for 2013. I wouldn't say there are a ton of surprises on either list, but it's still interesting to see what people pirated the most last year. Top 10 Movies 1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Downloads...
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America loves Melissa McCarthy according to Redbox's top ten most rented films of 2013

My friends and I love to joke about Redbox. Not that there's anything wrong with the company, but it's obvious that the people who usually rent from them don't have the best taste in movies. Sometimes when I'm in a Walmart I'll take a look to see which movie someone is checking out, and nine times out of ten, it's either a shitty Adam Sandler film or a generic,...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Now You See Me, Sharknado, The Iceman ...

This week: Now You See Me pulls off a neat trick, Rob Zombie gets supernatural with The Lords of Salem, and a tornado ... made of sharks. Sigh. ► Hands up anyone who thought NOW YOU SEE ME would be a bigger hit than ‘The Hangover Part III’? Oh put your hands down you bullshitters –...
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Louis Leterrier is back to direct the sequel for Now You See Me

Right before NOW YOU SEE ME debuted in May, I was wondering if people would actually go out and see it. There were tons of spots on television but I didn't hear much talk from people actually wanting to go out to the theater to check it out. To my semi-surprise it did fairly well. I still didn't hear people talking about it. I think my Grandma said it was "a good one". I enjoy...
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Magician thriller Now You See Me with Woody Harrelson and Mark Ruffalo getting a sequel

This summer's surprise hit NOW YOU SEE ME is apparently getting a sequel, according to Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer, who says the pic is being "pencilled in" for a 2014 release. In a summer of underperformers (THE LONE RANGER, THE WOLVERINE, PACIFIC RIM), NOW YOU SEE ME has done well for itself, benefitting from a lower budget ($75 million) and a solid, yet affordable cast, making $115...
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Review: Now You See Me

PLOT: Four middling magicians ( Jesse Eisenberg , Isla Fisher , Woody Harrelson , & Dave Franco) are brought together by a mysterious benefactor. Now calling themselves The Four Horsemen, theyíre brought to the attention of Interpol and the FBI when, using magic, they manage to rob a bank in France while performing in Las Vegas. Now, a cynical, disbelieving FBI agent,...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Now You See Me star Woody Harrelson!

Woody Harrelson has become one of my favorite actors over the years. Iíve admired his work in such films as NATURAL BORN KILLERS, THE PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT, ZOMBIELAND and way too many other great films to mention. In his latest flick, NOW YOU SEE ME, he plays a man with a certain power over others which comes in handy when you want to pull off an elaborate heist. Iíve been very...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Now You See Me star Morgan Freeman!

A day before the junket for the new magic flick NOW YOU SEE ME, I found out that I would be interviewing Morgan Freeman on Skype. While the junket was held in New Orleans, he was back in Los Angeles. Iíve never spoken to this phenomenal actor before and to be honest, I was a bit terrified. Oftentimes doing an interview via Skype or anything of that nature doesnít feel all that personal,...
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Exclusive 1:1 interview with Now You See Me star Mark Ruffalo!

Mark Ruffalo has always been a favorite of mine. He has continually offered up terrific performances over the past few years including THE BROTHERS BLOOM, ZODIAC, YOU CAN COUNT ON ME and THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT just to name a few. This doesnít even include his scene-stealing work as Bruce Banner in THE AVENGERS! With his latest feature NOW YOU SEE ME, this incredible actor adds humor and...
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