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Cool Videos: Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis and...President Obama?

Well now...the reaction to this should be interesting... Zach Galifianakis ' long-running interview show on Funny or Die, Between Two Ferns, just got a presidential upgrade. So far, Galifianakis has had on a ton of A-list talent, including Ben Stiller , Natalie Portman , Bruce Willis , Bradley Cooper , Sean Penn , Steve Carell , Samuel L. Jackson , and many more. Now,...
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Cool Videos: Watch President Obama play Daniel Day-Lewis for Steven Spielberg

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner was on Saturday night and it was chock full of actors, athletes, celebrities and oh yeah, politicians. In recent years the event has been criticized for being too much about the famous faces ( Lindsay Lohan was at the 2012 dinner...yikes) but I've enjoyed the different quotes and videos that have surfaced from previous dinners....
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Cool Videos: Samuel L Jackson asks voters to Wake The F&$k Up!

Movies and politics go together like Ali Larter and whipped cream. Both are businesses that rely on good looks and public appeal. We all have a fascination with the political leanings of our celebrity elite. Some even base their vote on which party has the better Hollywood cred. One thing that transcends party lines is Samuel L. Jackson. We can all agree that he truly is the...
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Cool Videos: Harold and Kumar get a call from Obama

Who can the president call to rally behind him? Two stoned dudes sitting on their couch. Harold and Kumar to be precise. Well, really he just wants Kumar, but I'm sure Harold will get dragged into it. Glad Obama gave them a head start, because it's going to be at least 1 AM before they remember what they were supposed to do. Then some other crazy, extreme stuff is going to...
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