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Top 10 Movie Jobs You Would Never Want To Have

We often look to the movies to see idealized worlds and lives that we will never live in our own reality. We dream of being superheroes, romantics, leaders, and pretty any much dream job we can think of. But, movies also show us the nightmare reality and banality of some jobs many of us may have. Some jobs also look a heck of a lot worse on the big screen than they do in the real world. Here is...
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Cool Videos: Michael Bolton plays Michael Bolton in Office Space

Sixteen years after it originally hit theaters, OFFICE SPACE still holds up as a hilarious send-up of workplace humor. It inspired THE OFFICE and has become one of the most quoted movies of the last two decades. Amongst the memorable characters is the man with the famous name: Michael Bolton. In the movie, Bolton's name becomes a running gag in reference to the pop singer with the...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 Worst Movie Bosses!

With Horrible Bosses 2 opening next week, we thought it would be a good time to look at some of the Worst Movie Bosses. Yeah, there's a lot of sad sacks out there that make life miserable for their underlings, be it in an office, a space station, or even in hell, so we dug into the depths to come up with some old favorites, new classics, and downright nasty sons of bitches that have...
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