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Cool Videos: A Short Late Show Film by Spike Jonze

It's been about three years since Spike Jonze has stepped behind the camera to make a film - the well-received HER which starred Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johannson 's voice on its way to five Oscar nominations (it won for Best Original Screenplay). Since then, I've been wondering when Jonze's unique storytelling might surface again and present us with another opportunity to...
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TV Review: Vinyl - Season 1, Episode 1

PLOT: Richie Finestra ( Bobby Cannavale ), a high-flying record exec, tries to resurrect his dying label in the midst of a changing time for rock music. REVIEW: It figures that what promises to be the definitive TV work about rock n’roll would come from Martin Scorsese , a director whose big-screen opuses are like rock n’roll put to celluloid. Working with Mick...
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Review: Love the Coopers

PLOT: Various members of a dysfunctional family struggle to get themselves ready for a Christmas dinner. REVIEW: LOVE THE COOPERS is like a Hallmark Channel original movie with a better-than-expected cast. A saccharine, sappy holiday dramedy taken straight from the cookie-cutter, it's the type of film you'd recommend to your old aunt who's looking for something...
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Trailer for Love The Coopers tries to bring Christmas comedy to the masses

It's been a long time since we've gotten a genuine Christmas comedy to top the likes of CHRISTMAS VACATION or even A CHRISTMAS STORY for that matter. Okay, except maybe ELF. There's been some solid entries along the way, such as SCROOGED, HOME ALONE, A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, or, hell, even BATMAN RETURNS or DIE HARD. Maybe BAD SANTA, but that's not exactly one you...
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Teasers for HBO's Vinyl and Crackle's The Art of More pump up the excess

We sure like watching cocky powerful jerks on TV don't we? Two new shows are on the horizon which seem to feature that very character type, both dealing with high stakes business and self-made men but taking place in two very different worlds. HBO's Vinyl is set in 1970's New York and follows Richie Finestra ( Bobby Cannavale ), founder and president of American Century...
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A brief but effective teaser for Martin Scorsese's new HBO series, Vinyl

The last time Martin Scorsese and Terence Winter 's teamed up with HBO, they produced the wonderful yet under-appreciated Boardwalk Empire; their latest collaboration is Vinyl, a new drama series which will explore the drug and sex-fueled music business through the eyes of a record executive trying to resurrect his label and find the next new sound. In order to guarantee an added...
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Brian Grazer regrets producing Cowboys & Aliens

Most of the time, folks in Hollywood defend their films, even when they are critical and commercial failures. Johnny Depp defended both TRANSCENDENCE and THE LONE RANGER while Taylor Kitsch has defended JOHN CARTER. Sometimes these movies enter and exit the zeitgeist and you don't give them a second thought until someone chimes in with their opinion. Producer Brian Grazer has...
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Olivia Wilde will return opposite Garrett Hedlund for Tron: Ascension

With Joseph Kosinski in place and a production set to start October in Vancouver , we now can confirm that TRON: ASCENSION will also see the return of the two main stars of TRON: LEGACY. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund will return for the follow-up to their 2010 sequel. It seemed like a foregone conclusion that Hedlund and Wilde...
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Tron 3 to begin filming in Vancouver in October 2015

Looks like the sequel to TRON: LEGACY may be happening sooner than expected. If the sources over at VanCity Buzz are to be believed, TRON 3 will begin production in Vancouver just in time for Halloween. The blog cites "sources" as giving them the lowdown, but without official confirmation we would have to still consider this a rumor. TRON: LEGACY grossed $400 million...
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Top 10 Undead Movie Characters of All Time

THE LAZARUS EFFECT brings us a new take on the life after death film with Olivia Wilde playing one of the hottest undead characters in a long time. So, it got me wondering about which are the most lasting undead characters in movie history. Not just zombies, mind you, but undead. So, here is a ranking of the ten best undead characters of all time. See if your favorite made the cut and, if...
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Review: The Lazarus Effect

PLOT: A team of medical researchers invent a serum (which they dub Lazarus) that is capable of bringing dead patients back to life. When one of the doctors Zoe ( Olivia Wilde ) suffers a deadly accident, they use the serum to bring her back, and while successful, they soon discover that their colleague has changed since visiting the other side. REVIEW: Does anyone...
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A new trailer for The Lazarus Effect where everyone seems dead inside

As Sean mentioned last month , there is certainly a FLATLINERS vibe going on here with THE LAZARUS EFFECT. Not to mention the fact that it looks like a horror-thriller you straight out of the ‘90s; which isn’t a bad thing necessary, but doesn’t always bode well for those looking for something less formulaic.  The film has a few rising stars including Mark...
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