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Borat director Larry Charles and Nic Cage team for Osama Bin Laden movie

You never know what to expect from a Nicolas Cage movie these days. Usually, you can bank that it is not going to be very good but there have been a few rare occasions where the Oscar-winning actor still surprises us. The just announced ARMY OF ONE could be one of those surprises. The Weinstein Company has acquired the distribution rights to the film ARMY OF ONE, a comedy to be...
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Awfully Good: Osombie

If you're looking for a good zombie movie this week, I really recommend WARM BODIES . If you're less discerning in your undead tastes, there's always… Osombie (2012) Director: John Lyde Stars: Corey Sevier , Eve Mauro, Jasen Wade A yoga instructor teams up with a group of American soldiers to kill Osama Bin Laden…again! Bet...
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Face-Off: Zero Dark Thirty vs. Apocalypse Now

In last weeks Face-Off , we paid tribute to the late David R. Ellis in a match up between Snakes on a Plane and The Final Destination . Snakes ultimately one the final verdict, and our readers happened to agree. This week, the theme is search and destroy. In these two films, the US have targeted men they have deemed evil enough to track down and exterminate. These two films are...
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