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Leonardo DiCaprio to play another famous Leo in da Vinci biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio has mastered many areas of the acting profession, including winning an Oscar, starring in the (once) biggest movie ever, and dating countless super models. But he’s about to accomplish the greatest feat any actor can hope to achieve: playing a character with the same name as him. Not only does the character share the same name, but he’s the only...
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Martin Scorsese's The Irishman in talks to move to Netflix

As Netflix continues its rise to global dominance, it appears deals are close to finalization for the streaming king to acquire the rights to one of the most anticipated dramas of the last decade – Martin Scorsese ’s THE IRISHMAN. The movie that reunites Robert De Niro and the famed director has been gestating for about a decade, and now looks like it will find its final...
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Alicia Vikander & Emma Stone eyed for dueling Agatha Christie biopics

Dueling film projects are nothing new in Hollywood. It happened with ARMAGEDDON and DEEP IMPACT, WHITE HOUSE DOWN and OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, and I've lost count of how many Robin Hood movies are currently in the works . Now THR is reporting that Sony and Paramount are both developing biopics about acclaimed mystery author Agatha Christie. According to the site, Sony is wooing...
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The Revenant co-writer tapped to pen new draft of Edgar Wright's Collider

Way back in 2012 , we brought you word that J.J. Abrams , Edgar Wright and screenwriter Mark Protosevich ( Spike Lee 's OLDBOY, I AM LEGEND) were joining forces with Paramount for a sci-fi film titled COLLIDER, with Abrams producing through his Bad Robot shingle, and Wright directing from a script by Protosevich. There hasn't been any movement on the project since then,...
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Feast's Patrick Osborne tapped to direct Paramount's Battling Boy adaptation

The Tracking Board is reporting that Patrick Osborne has been hired by Paramount to helm a big screen take on the Paul Pope graphic novel Battling Boy. While the adaptation will be Osborne's first feature film as a director, he was behind the camera for Disney's Oscar-winning animated short FEAST, and has worked on other movies, such as WRECK-IT RALPH, BIG HERO 6, and BOLT....
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Sony and Paramount are also skipping 2015 San Diego Comic-Con

Earlier this month it was confirmed that Marvel Studios won't be at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, and Variety has learned Sony and Paramount are also skipping the Hall H presentations at this year's event. “It wasn’t a knock against Comic-Con, the film cycles just didn’t allow it," a spokesperson tells the site, and sources also say Sony and...
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Adam McKay's The Big Short gathers its amazing cast and begins production

Paramount Pictures, New Regency, and Plan B Entertainment have announced that production is officially underway in New Orleans on THE BIG SHORT. The new drama from ANCHORMAN director Adam McKay counts Christian Bale , Ryan Gosling , Brad Pitt , Steve Carell , Melissa Leo , and Marisa Tomei amongst its star studded cast proving that McKay will certainly have a lot of talent...
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Comic Con: Interviews with Project Almanac director and stars!

While on the press line that Paramount held on Thursday, we had the distinct pleasure of chatting with a couple of the stars of PROJECT ALMANAC, Sofia Black-DíElia and Jonny Weston, as well as the filmís director Dean Israelite. This sci-fi thriller screened last night but unfortunately I had to miss it. I do however look forward to getting a glimpse thanks to talking to this very cool...
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Joe Dante's sci-fi flick Explorers to be remade

I recall nothing about 1985. I was only a year old. So I canít say that I ever caught Joe Dante ís EXPLORERS at the cinema around that time. However, I did see it when I got a little older. I always had a thing for Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix , both of which show up in the sci-fi adventure film. Paramount has decided to remake Danteís fun alien flick with producers Josh...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Here's what Disney should do with Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is easily one of the most iconic and badass characters to have ever graced the silver screen. Some people had the original STAR WARS trilogy mold their childhood, but mine was always set with the Indiana Jones films. Unfortunately in 2008, a lot of the magic was ruined with INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL and to keep from experiencing all out...
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Jerry Bruckheimer discusses his new deal with Paramount, Top Gun 2, Beverly Hills Cop, and more

After the poor performance and critical drubbing of THE LONE RANGER, super-producer Jerry Bruckheimer and long-time studio partner Disney parted ways. It was a big question where Bruckheimer would end up and now we know he will work with Paramount on future projects. Bruckheimer will begin a three year first look deal beginning in April 2014. While Bruckheimer will keep upcoming sequels...
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Paramount's Friday the 13th reboot to hit theaters in 2015

No, that's not a typo in the headline: a new Jason movie is in the works, and it will be a reboot. Paramount picked up the rights to the horror franchise from Warner Bros. in June in exchange for the rights to co-produce Christopher Nolan 's highly anticipated INTERSTELLAR, and the studio has announced that the thirteenth film in the series will land in theaters on March...
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