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C'mon Hollywood: The Paranormal Activity franchise needs to be put to rest!

Without sounding like a hater, I love PARANORMAL ACTIVITY . I don't think I've ever been more afraid in a movie theater and even several nights later, I was still affected by that final image of Katie Featherstone. While the second and third entries were also really good, that fourth one was, well, really bad. While I wouldn't say PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 was the worst horror film I've...
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Get ready for two more Paranormal Activity movies coming in 2014

I know that the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series makes money so obviously there's an audience for it. But when is enough, enough? Why come out with this films one right after another? How do they retain what makes them scary? This is just one person's insight. I'm sure someone has a debate for why it's okay to release the same type of found footage film so often. Which brings me to the...
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The franchise stays alive - Paranormal Activity 5 set for release in 2013

On October 25th, 2013 , you will have a choice: you can either continue the tradition of jump scares and cults getting caught on camera wrecking shit up late at night, or you can catch the final entry in Edgar Wright's "Blood and Ice Cream" trilogy.  That's right, October 2013 is going to play host to a battle of box office dollars between PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 and THE WORLD'S END...
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Paranormal Activity 5 coming in October 2013, while the Latino-centric spinoff hits in Spring 2013

Slight spoilers here regarding just what's going on in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series.  It comes in the second paragraph's description of the "Latino-centric spinoff." Despite PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 not opening on quite the scale as did the previous movies in the series, the fundamental truth is that the movies in the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY series are always made for such small sums of...
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