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Pandemic trailer shows that you are capable of fighting zombies in a movie

Raise your hand if you believe you can make it through an entire action movie shot in first-person point of view without throwing up all over yourself in the theater.á PANDEMIC is going to put that to the test.á Shot almost as if it was an first-person shooter video game, PANDEMIC puts you in the movie as the protagonist, dropping you right smack in the middle of the zombie...
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Review: Cheap Thrills

PLOT: A down on his luck family man and a shifty old acquaintance find themselves caught up in a morbid scenario when a wealthy couple offers them a large sum of money to participate in an increasingly dangerous series of endurance tests and mind games. REVIEW: This is a nasty little numberů Regardless of what you know about E.L. Katz 's CHEAP THRILLS, it's even more...
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Crazy red-band trailer for black comedy Cheap Thrills is like The Hangover meets Saw

Well, this looks suprisingly fun. I hadn't heard of CHEAP THRILLS until today, but after seeing the trailer it looks like it could be a dark horse for early 2014. Starring David Koechner (ANCHORMAN), Pat Healy (RESCUE DAWN), Sara Paxton (THE INNKEEPERS), and an almost unrecognizeable Ethan Embry (CAN'T HARDLY WAIT), this black comedy/thriller looks like a mash-up of...
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