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Josh Brolin can barely contain himself in new Cable pic

DEADPOOL 2 will surely be a laugh riot much like the first film, with plenty of R-rated humor filled with vulgarities, pop-culture references, gross-out gags, sexual puns and all manner of lewd acts. The movie will be so hilarious no man, woman or child will be able to contain themselves, but Cable ( Josh Brolin ) shall not be as amusing as Deadpool ( Ryan Reynolds ), nor as amused at...
3 days ago
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Josh Brolin praises Deadpool 2 co-star Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds seems to be the king of the Hollywood bromance. We saw him and his LIFE co-star Jake Gyllenhaal having fun together during the movie’s promotion, and now it seems he’s made a new best bud in his DEADPOOL 2 co-star – Josh Brolin . Brolin is playing Cable in the sequel, and though he and Deadpool (Reynolds) won’t have the easiest friendship in...
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Cable is looking rough in new Deadpool 2 images

Josh Brolin ’s Cable in DEADPOOL 2 looks pretty badass, and seemingly impossible to take down given his big gun and even bigger muscles. But the ripped time-traveler isn’t invincible and is sporting so bruises and a bloody nose in some new photos that found their way online. At least he has a teddy bear on his belt to make the boo-boos better. Take a look below at the...
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Deadpool 2's Zazie Beetz posts tribute for late stuntwoman, Joi 'SJ' Harris

DEADPOOL 2 actress Zazie Beetz took to her personal Instagram account on Thursday to post a touching personal message for her fallen friend and stuntwoman, Joi 'SJ' Harris. As we'd reported on Monday , the late Joi 'SJ' Harris passed away after a stunt involving a motorcycle went terribly wrong on the set of David Leitch 's DEADPOOL 2....
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Deadpool 2 stunt driver killed on set in motorcycle accident, police say

Sadly, we've received word that a female stunt driver was killed today while working on the set of DEADPOOL 2. The yet-to-be-identified victim lost her life as the result of a failed motorcycle crash, the Vancouver Police Department say. As this news is still quite fresh, it will be some time before we learn of any details. For now, the Vancouver Police Department...
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Deadpool 2 set-videos show Cable and Deadpool springing into action

I certainly don't envy the folks behind DEADPOOL 2. While the first film was mostly allowed to fly under the radar until it surprised audiences with just how much fun it was, the upcoming sequel has had all eyes upon it from day one. The pressure to be just as funny, just as rude, and just as insane as the first film must be quite intense, but I have faith that Ryan Reynolds and...
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Josh Brolin's Cable gives a lil' Deadpool a hug for a new on-set photo

Monday morning started off with a bang as Ryan Renolds took to his personal Twitter account to post a much-anticipated and official look at Josh Brolin as the time traveling badass, Cable. Later that same day, a full-body shot was shared and comic fans everywhere lost their collective minds! Today, Reynolds has posted yet another photo of Brolin's Cable on the set...
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Behold Josh Brolin's Cable in first images

The first image of Cable has appeared with Josh Brolin playing the tough-guy-time-traveling-killer. Fans have been dying to see how the character will look in the final product, as well as Zazie Beetz as Domino, and now we officially have seen both (an image of Beetz dropped last week ). Reynolds posted the first image on his Twitter pages, with a full body shot following soon...
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Deadpool 2 set pics show off more Zazie Beetz as Domino

You know, I'm really liking the look they're going for with Zazie Beetz 's Domino in the upcoming DEADPOOL 2. She looks confident, sexy, and badass. My only real complaint is that if you're going to do the reverse-color scheme of the comics (which is fine), at least give her white lipstick as well. But that's a minor quibble. And before anyone brings up...
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Ryan Reynolds says Josh Brolin will be an "epic" Cable

Anyone following Josh Brolin on social media has witnessed his bulking up and turning into an utter beast to play Cable in the upcoming superhero sequel – DEADPOOL 2. The actor isn’t turning into a human Hulk for no reason, and he will surely put those muscles to use by beating the living hell out of someone, and that someone most likely Deadpool himself ( Ryan Reynolds )....
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Updated: Two new photos of Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2!

UPDATE: Ryan Reynolds has posted yet another photo of Zazie Beetz as Domino. This time, the image comes to the masses courtesy of his Instagram account :   Now that director David Leitch 's super sexy spy thriller ATOMIC BLONDE is out in the wild, all eyes are now turned to his next project, 20th Century Fox and Marvel's DEADPOOL 2. With...
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Deadpool creator compares Reynolds/Brolin chemistry to Rush Hour

If you have been spending your time staring at the ceiling, wondering how exactly the dynamic between Ryan Reynolds ’ Deadpool and Josh Brolin ’s Cable will play out in DEADPOOL 2, then you can finally get off your back, take a shower and re-enter the world, because Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has the answer. All you need to do is look to one of the classic action-comedy...
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