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Awfully Good Movies: Lifeforce (Video)

Lifeforce (1985) Director:  Tobe Hooper Stars:  Steve Railsback, Peter Firth, Mathilda May Next weekend, Ridley Scott gives the ALIEN franchise another shot with ALIEN: COVENANT, so Awfully Good Movies is dipping into the weird and wonderful world of ALIEN ripoff movies with one of the most famous of them: 1985’s LIFEFORCE! What makes this flick...
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Movie CliffsNotes: Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor

Director Michael Bay is set to debut his latest film, the fact-based military thriller 13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI this Friday, but back in 2001 he put out another military thriller that mixed a little more fiction with a fact-based event. Yes, PEARL HARBOR aka WWII TITANIC, created a goofy love triangle with Ben Affleck , Kate Beckinsale , and Josh Hartnet t amidst...
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WTF trailer for Korean gorilla baseball movie Mr. Go features a lot of yelling and jumping

Sometimes you just can't resist and when I saw a gorilla playing baseball there was no turning back. This new trailer for MR. GO, a 3D Korean film about an 800-pound gorilla who joins a professional baseball team looks every bit as wacky and insane as a movie about...a gorilla playing baseball. Featuring a whole lot of yelling, jumping, and general monkey business (I couldn't resist), MR. GO...
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