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PLOT: At the height of the Cold War, the haunted captain ( Ed Harris ) of a Soviet submarine is sent on a top secret mission with a mysterious, hard-line KGB advisor ( David Duchovny ), who seems bent on starting WW3. REVIEW: PHANTOM seems like an odd candidate for a wide theatrical release. A relatively low-budget thriller, itís the kind of movie that would have...
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Trailer for submarine thriller Phantom, starring David Duchovny, Ed Harris, and William Fichtner

Hmmm.  Well, that was...interesting.  The new trailer for PHANTOM, a Cold War submarine thriller starring David Ducovny, Ed Harris , William Fichtner , and Lance Henrikson has, ahem, surfaced, and plays very much like a made-for-cable movie, but with a pretty rock-solid cast.  It's a round-up of secondary stars and character actors, all of which are awesome actors, which...
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