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The Marvel: Phase 2 Collection is coming this holiday season

Now that ANT-MAN is in theaters, this will conclude Phase Two of Marvel's Cinematic Universe. As with Phase One, there will be a Blu-ray box set containing ALL of the movies plus a bonus disc of extras. This 13-disc collection hasn't been given a definitive release date, but Marvel states it will arrive in time for the holiday season. I'd imagine that when a Blu-ray/DVD...
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Marvel Phase 2 round-up: The Avengers 2 to film in the UK, Phase 2 trailer, and a new Iron Man 3 spot

Marvel is popping up everywhere today, so I thought I'd condense it into one little round-up for you.  According to screen daily, the Joss Whedon -directed THE AVENGERS 2 is slated to film in the United Kingdom, moving into the Pinewood-Sheparton Studios where THOR: THE DARK WORLD was recently filmed (and where GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is currently prepping), preparing to start...
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So Marvel's future plans for the Hulk may not include Planet Hulk or World War Hulk?

Latino-Review had a big spoiler scoop around the Super Bowl about Marvel's plans for the Hulk in Phase 2 and 3 in their cinematic universe. It was rumored that the next phases might cover the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk comics and most of us were pretty psyched about the idea. Well it turns out it just may not be true. AintItCool contacted one of their very reliable sources...
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SPOILERS: What are Marvel's future plans for the Hulk in the next two phases of the cinematic universe?

Potential SPOILERS are rampant in this article.  If you're a spoiler nazi and don't want to know anything about anything then it goes without saying that this isn't the place for you.  We have plenty of other articles for you to enjoy that will keep your movie virginity intact. For all others, you're in the right spot. So, Elmayimbe over at Latino Review has been...
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