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Siegfried and Roy are getting biopic'd

It was only a matter of time before the biopic machine turned its focus on famed Vegas magicians Siegfried and Roy, whose act was built upon the appearance of white tigers and ultimately came to an end as a result, too. The only surprise is that it has taken this long for someone to get around to it, with THE PHYSICIAN's  Philipp Stolzl signing on to direct from a script...
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Review: Erased

PLOT : When an ex-CIA agent living with his estranged daughter finds that his employers have packed up and worst of all erased his entire existence. When he attempts to find out what is going on, he and his daughter find themselves on the run after being marked for termination. REVIEW : Having a solid leading man like Aaron Eckhart is a perfect idea. He is charismatic and fits the...
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Is Aaron Eckhart the new Liam Neeson? Looks like it in the trailer for Erased

Aaron Eckhart has gone rogue in ERASED, a globe-trotting spy thriller that looks like a combination of THE BOURNE IDENTITY and movies where Liam Neeson beats the hell out of people like TAKEN and UNKNOWN. Eckhart might be filling Neeson's shoes here, as a man who goes on the run with his daughter after his former employers at the CIA target him for assassination. Yes, the government is...
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